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Pathology Report

Bob is the contributor for this update:

The initial surgery (July 17) went extremely well as the doctor was able to do everything laparoscopically.  I was out of hospital in 2 days and recovering quickly.  I have been doing a lot of walking and feeling great.
Then I got my pathology report from biopsy of the section removed and it is not so good.  I have a rare (for colon/rectum) fast growing type cancer called a neuroendocrine tumor (NET).  They found traces in 3/14 lymph nodes so I will need to go through chemo and possibly radiation.  Because it is fast growing, they rarely find it before Stage 4.  The good new is that mine is only Stage 3.  They cannot start treatment until my initial surgery heals (possibly another 5 weeks).  Rather than remove the ileostomy and wait another 3 weeks for recovery, they will likely start treatment first and remove the ostomy after treatment ends (maybe 6 months long).
Locally, there are only two doctors who have treated NET cancers but are not specialist.  Joan did some research and found that there is well regarded cancer research institute at the U of Ky about 80 miles away.  The Markley Cancer Center has twelve doctors that specialize and work only on NET cancer.  Today, I requested my doctor to submit a referral for me and hope to hear back from them early next week.
So keep praying.  The road to recovery is there, but will take a while.

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