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Home and Difficulties

Bob's ileostomy got clogged yesterday, making him feel bloated and uncomfortable. He was able to clear it, but then spent a very uncomfortable night with stomach spasms, frequent emptying of the ileostomy and general discomfort. He looked very pale and fatigued this morning and the surgeon recommended immodium to slow down his system and avoid dehydration. He napped and seemed a bit better. He's walked a lot today and looks good, but he is keeping a journal of his foods in order to see if some are more likely to cause the stomach spasms and liquid discharge than others.

Fortunately, the ileostomy is temporary. They tell us that just as he is getting adjusted to it, it will be time to reverse it. I don't think Bob will be sad to see it go! Home health comes in today to help change the ostomy and evaluate Bob's recovery. Again, thanks for the prayers!

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