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Home Already?

So, Dr. Allen, Bob's surgeon, came in about 1:45 pm this afternoon and said, "So, you ready to go home?"

Bob had been doing so well, thanks to your prayers and sacrifices, that he was able to come home 48 hours after surgery. He did so well during the hospital stay that all the nurses, aids, specialists, doctors, etc., thought that he would do fine at home.

He will have Home Health services for several weeks to help us change his ostomy sack and monitor his incisions, but overall, we are very confident that his recovery will be swift. Since Bob really had no risk factors and was in such great general health before this cancer diagnosis, this worked so much in his favor. 

Yet, I believe, more importantly, it was the prayers of the faithful, as well as the intercessory prayers of the saints, that made the largest contribution to Bob's recovery. His faith and his acceptance to the Will of God was such an inspiration to everyone who came in contact with him.

In addition, the children have been so absolutely outstanding. Mary making dinners for us, driving kids around, Joe and Maggie picking up the slack at the office, Theresa driving in the kids to visit their dad, and all of them going to Mass, adoration or just extra prayers and sacrifices for their dad. 

There will still be obstacles in front of us, but I know that through your prayers, they will be moments filled with grace. 

God bless,

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