Thoughts & Well Wishes

Geraldine Ferri | Apr 2, 2020

Hello Bob & Charlene,

Has it really been a year?  So much has happened, and now here we are!
You sound like you’re doing great—and walking 3 1/2 miles!  I don’t do that, but I try to walk a little every day. 

Our chance meeting at the VA was wonderful. We talked about the 4 of us getting together for a dinner together, but now, with social distancing being so important, of course, that will have to wait. 

Thank you for sharing your writing. Vivid snapshots!  Love to you. Geraldine 

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Claire Murphy | Nov 5, 2019
Dear Bob and Charlene,

I'm so glad to hear the shunt procedure has helped Bob in the recovery process. Hopefully this is lifting everyone's spirits on this road to healing both physically and emotionally. Sending you both good thoughts and wishes. Hugs for both of you - Claire