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Gifted by Janet E. Hamilton

“In honor of Hoyt Stout”

Gifted by Matrixsynth

“In honor of Bob Moog”

Gifted by Mr. Daniel Wentz

“In memory of the Einstein of modern music, Bob Moog.”

Gifted by Guido Welsh

“In memory of Bob Moog and his amazing footprint!”

Gifted by Tim Gagen

“In memory of Bob Moog, with deep and humble respect”

Gifted by Interconnect Products & Services, Inc.

“In memory of Bob Moog”

Gifted by Fredrik Norrgren

“In honor of you Bob, and to Ileana Grams.”

Gifted by Ms. Clare Cooper

“In memory of Bob Moog”
Mr. Robin Parry

Gifted by Mr. Robin Parry

“In memory of Bob Moog”

Gifted by Rob Onodera

“A small tribute to Bob Moog”