Honor Bob

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38 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Hoyt Stout”

— Janet E. Hamilton

“In honor of Bob Moog”

— Matrixsynth

“In memory of the Einstein of modern music, Bob Moog.”

— Mr. Daniel Wentz

“In memory of Bob Moog and his amazing footprint!”

— Guido Welsh

“In memory of Bob Moog, with deep and humble respect”

— Tim Gagen

“In memory of Bob Moog”

— Interconnect Products & Services, Inc.

“In honor of you Bob, and to Ileana Grams.”

— Fredrik Norrgren

“In memory of Bob Moog”

— Ms. Clare Cooper

“A small tribute to Bob Moog”

— Rob Onodera

“In memory of Bob Moog”

— Mr. Joseph Bain