Marla Mascari Lewiski|Apr 9, 2018
I am so very sorry, Mary, for your family’s loss 😢 Your Dad was a good man and will certainly be missed!!
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Bill Munsch|Apr 9, 2018
• I knew Bob pretty well in high school; only saw him a few times since then but always liked him. His passing is difficult for all of us; I am in the process of fighting colon cancer. I have been given a path to a cure and will always remember those who did not receive that gift.
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Phil Isaly|Apr 8, 2018
Bob was a happy human - I met him when he decided to live a different way and watched him morph into happy human - god bless his family and friends - Bob will be missed - until we see each other again !!!
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Elaine Butler|Apr 8, 2018
I am so sorry for your loss, and in a way, we have all lost. Bob was always there with a hug and kind words which I especially appreciated after my husband Neal died. He always made you feel special. Neal was a big “ Bobby” fan and I know the two of them are up there swapping stories and maybe playing a quick nine. RIP will be missed.
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Beth Herrmann|Apr 8, 2018
My deepest sympathies to the entire Malone Family. Bob was an amazing chef and father. I remember him cooking for Mary’s friends at school and different occasions. May he rest in God’s hands.
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Bob Furgiuele|Apr 7, 2018
Mary I met your Dad just under six years ago . We had so many mutual friends from West View I don't know how we didn't meet when we were kids. He had a way of putting you at ease and making you feel welcome while he was insulting you it was truly an art. . We would always joke about how many Bobs would be in attendance on any given night. You could tell he truly wanted to help everyone he met and I know he helped me. I remember him saying we had to love the folks who were struggling until they could love themselves. It was truly an honor to have known him I will always remember that grin.
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Holly Crandell|Apr 7, 2018
My deepest sympathies to you Mary Malone, and the rest of your family; I can't even imagine how much you miss your dad!! He was ridiculous, of course, always making fun of me, etc. He had a very affectionate nickname for me though; he used to call me "Ass Face". I, in turn called him "Jag-Off". I remember one time, commenting on a shirt he was wearing and he said, "hey, don't make fun of this shirt! My daughter Mary got it for me!" I said, "Oh, I like the shirt - I'm only making fun of it because of who's wearing it!" he said, "oh, well in that case - OK!" It was amazing to me how his self-deprecating humor could make people feel immediately at ease, and how even though he would call you some terrible nickname to your face - you knew it meant he loved you!! And I don't know a single person that met him that didn't love him right back. He helped so many people, just by being himself. He was always honest and humble and never pompous or conceited about who he was or what he did, in every aspect of his life. My heart is heavy for all of us tonight. But I am so grateful to have known such a caring and gracious man. Rest easy, Bobby; you are deeply missed!
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Tyler Lightcap|Apr 7, 2018
I remember in 5th grade when he came into class and cooked for all of us and he made us steak which was the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life still to this day and not a day goes by where I don’t think about that steak!
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Jeff Mattys|Apr 7, 2018
My deepest condolences go out to entire Malone family, especially Katie, Mary, Bobby and Maggie.
We lost a great man yesterday. Bob was a one of a kind, true friend to many people. I am honored to call him my best friend. Bob , in his own unique way, inspired many of us with his actions and sacrifices
Bobby always had a way of putting a smile on your face no matter the circumstances and put everyone else’s needs ahead of his needs. Bob had a simplistic approach to life, which I secretly envied, never taking anything too seriously. We talked every day (at 9:30am) for 6 or 7 years and frequently during the years after that. Sometimes he helped me and sometimes I helped him but I know that it was good for both of us. I knew everything about him and he knew everything about me…..nothing was hidden. It was during those conversations that we learned about God, life and how we, as Christians, are supposed to live. We would share stories about how good it felt to help another human being and how certain words would “magically” come out of our mouth at exactly the right moment. We had to be “willing” to help and God would do the rest. From those conversations, we both committed to helping others. Suddenly there were no “coincidences” and we both could see God’s hand in every aspect of our lives. It was no longer a mystery why we grew up within 5 miles of each other, hung out with the same people and were about the same age and did not know each other. How could that be? Our journey may have been slightly different, but in all reality, were the same.
I could share with you hundreds of funny stories because we knew how to have a good time. My favorite ones usually happened at Cook Forest where we would go twice a year to stay committed to each other and to get away from life’s stresses. I know that I wet my pants many a time laughing so hard that tears were coming out of my eyes. Just when you thought you heard it all, someone else would chime in and we all would hit the ground laughing. This is where a group of men would get together, relax a bit, eat like pigs and share the good, bad and ugly of what was going on in our lives. The feedback was never one sided because “it takes 2 to tango” and the solution is always “taking care of your side of the street”. So if you were looking for sympathy….. you weren’t going to get it there.
Last week I had an opportunity to talk with Bob one on one. With just me and him in the ICU together he helped me break through the denial that I needed help and that I needed to make some changes my life. It was a special moment…….I went there to help him and he ended up helping me and my family. (I can’t stop crying). He was right……. Only Bob could help me see it because we have a special connection that developed through years of honesty and love for each other. I made a commitment to him, my family and God that moment. As I left the room that evening, he told me that “he loved me more than I will ever know”. I continued down the hallway for about 10 steps and just stopped in my tracks. I went back in the room and he was sound asleep. Somehow he knew the end was near and those would be the very last words he would ever say to me on this earth.
But, this is not where it ends…………. Save me a seat brother. I am certain we will see each other again.
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Greg Vecchi|Apr 7, 2018
Malone Family, I’m a Kingsbrook resident and met your dad through the McAfee’s a few years back. He always took the time to stop to talk if he was alone. It would be a quick “hello” if he was riding bikes with his youngest daughter or he would just flip the peace sign if he was riding by in his car.
Whatever the case, he was always cool and funny. A laid-back guy who was fun to talk to. I’m sure he left behind some awesome memories. Please take care, Greg
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