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On September 25, I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and put on an aggressive treatment plan to attempt to stop the growth of the cancer and to reduce the pain to manageable levels.  The bone scan confirmed that the cancer had metastasized to many bones in my body, most significantly in my upper right leg where I had severe pain this summer.

I am grateful for the many friends who have already made contact by email and snail mail. Sally and our daughter Becky have started this Caring Bridge site as a means of keeping those interested appraised of any updates.  Thank you for your interest.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Bob Lorenz

On Monday, October 29, we met with my oncologist and have some good results to share after the appearance of cancer in my liver and lymph node that was noted on Oct. 2 and the corresponding change in my chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Over the last 10 days, I have experienced the lowest average level of pain that I have had over the last three months. In addition, the overall activity level of my cancer has diminished a significant amount. These are both joyous news that give us hope of longer term stable and productive activity. 

Since I filed the paperwork for my retirement from active faculty status to begin on Saturday, Nov. 3, the process has moved very smoothly.  My WEMPEC colleagues are also organizing a special event late morning on Fri, Nov. 2nd to help celebrate my last day as active faculty.  It should be a nice event with closure for all after my 34 years on the faculty.

We adjusted the pain medication protocol a bit, but generally will be continuing on the path that has proven quite successful over the last 10 days.   

My PhD students are continuing to be very productive in their research and it is giving me great joy to see the high quality of their work and defense presentations.   We have also set up a roadmap for their completions and it is quite exciting to help support them and their visions.

Sally and I are optimistic that retirement will help us to be even more attentive to the opportunities that we continue to have to be helpful to and connected with all.

Thank you for your continued prayers and best wishes.  

Just seeing that you have visited this site continues to provide a very welcome type of support.

Your friendship and support encourage me as I continue to make sure that each day counts.

With great appreciation for each day,

Your friend,

Bob  :)
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