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Site created on September 12, 2018

Bobi Jo is a 28 yr old mother of a 9 yr old boy and a 5 month old little girl. On September 8th 2018 she was driving and felt something wrong and pulled to the side of the road. Her 9yr old son had to call for help to find out Bobi had a massive stroke. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Shiann Lancaster

Update on Bobi Urrutia:
Bobi had her speech therepy evaluation. They did a swallow test and she did excellent on everything except liquids. She will have to have a thickener put into her drinks but other then that she past with flying colors she is currently getting her physical therepy evaluation done. Her legs and left arm are doing good but her right arm has little mobility at this time. She is saying words like yes, ya, oh, thank you, eye, good. The last three are harder to understand but she is trying and making one hell of an effort. She also washed her own hair with occupational therapy!!!!!
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