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Journal entry by chris gutowski

So Bob completed week 4 and it felt good to be over the half way point. 3 more weeks. 

It's Saturday and he had chemo Thursday, so he is feeling really rough today and yesterday (ok, every day!) The chemo hits him hard, and the radiation is gradually getting to be more difficult. We knew going in based on what the oncologist told us. The doctor also said this treatment is the hardest, most intense treatment of all the cancer treatments. So Bob is being a trooper! And even though he does not feel well he is trying so hard to be positive. (I know it is a challenge)

He is still eating... but not much. But, he does keep trying. So far, he is getting soup, jello, tea, water, and hydration drinks in. He is trying so hard. He is resting a lot. I don't have a lot of "new" information. I'm sorry I don't write more entries more often but there really isn't a lot to report each day.

I did read something yesterday  that I found very helpful from my Grace for Today book, a passage called God is With You:

When things go wrong in life it is easy to despair and become overwhelmed by a sense of complete helplessness and hopelessness. 

If ever anything seemed hopeless, it was on the day of Jesus' crucifixion. The hopes and dreams of those who thought that He was the promised Messiah were shattered when He died on the cross. But then God intervened and miraculously turned apparent defeat into victory. The sorrowful Good Friday was transformed into the triumphant resurrection of the Easter Sunday - when Christ rose victoriously from the grave. 

Whatever circumstances you might find yourself in, however dismal, always remember that God is with you and that He is in control of your circumstances.

I hope this helps you - it meant a lot to me 🙏 
Chris xo
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