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Site created on February 5, 2020

My handsome grandson, Bobby Joe Redmer IV, made his way into this world on January 31st, 2020 at 1:17 am, at 37 weeks. He weighed 6 lbs 2.9 oz and was 20 inches long. He went straight to NICU where he received a tube to drain excess fluid from abdomen and lungs. He was also put on a CPAP machine to help his breathing.  His ears were not fully developed so they will be testing his hearing. On Sunday, they stopped his feedings due to an unknown swallowing issue. His blood sugars have been on the low side, and needing quite a bit of help breathing as he is taking in 21% oxygen. His jaundice levels also increased Sunday and was put under the blue lights.  On Monday afternoon,  lily Bobby was transferred to Mercy Children's Hospital in Kansas City, where he will be undergoing more testing.  Yesterday , he had an echo, which showed a 4mm X 5mm Ventricular Sepal Defect, a hole in the wall separating the 2 lower chambers of his heart. The size of his is classified as medium. He was put back on the CPAP machine to help with the pressure to keep the air sacs open, and are questioning possible pneumonia.  On the plus side he is breathing in at 26% oxygen. 😁 If the VSD does not close on it's own in the next couple of weeks he will need open heart surgery. Baby was not happy with all the testing,  and his heart rate increased to 202 while mommy and daddy were visiting. 
Mom was discharged from the hospital last evening and her and daddy are both staying strong and keeping faith in God and the doctors to find answers on their little boy! They were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House a couple blocks away from the hospital. She is working on getting her strength back after the c-section and 3 days of labor, and re-regulating her blood sugars.  Melynda and Bobby III are truly grateful for all the support and prayers from all their family and friends during this stressful time!

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Journal entry by Lynnette Tripp

Lil Bobby had a good day today! He was awake most of the time that Melynda and Bobby were at the hospital with him. He also stayed at 21% oxygen all day. He was able to be away from the lights while they were visiting.  Daddy was even able to change his first diaper. The CPAP machine is helping the mass, or air sacs, in his lungs.  The area is starting to decrease as the air sacs are starting to open. They tried some medicine to help him dry it up some, which made him pee massive amounts,  which is great! This evening,  he pulled out his tube, but they were planning on changing it anyway. They inserted a tube from his nose to his throat to restart feedings tonight. Around 10 pm when they checked on him, he was on his 2nd feeding and tolerating them well. At some point he will have an MRI on his brain, since his ears are underdeveloped and malformed it is possible there is a link between that the brain and his swallowing difficulties.  The secretions from his stomach are about the same. He is at 6 lbs 1 oz. In the morning he will have another echo and pray of his heart and chest to see how that is coming along. It looks as if he is getting stronger everyday and that all the prayers are working! Thank you all! And thank the Lord, God is good and working on him! Mom and dad are very happy tonight, and should get some good rest with all the good news!
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