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Journal entry by Linda Bell

Hello everyone,    We are still around, don’t want you to think we’ve forgotten about posting.     BOB is OUT of the hospital. We found a transitional care facility near our home that could meet his needs and that had a bed available.   I was able to transport him to the facility myself which was wonderful both for him and me.   He was so thankful just to breath that fresh air.    The last few moments at the hospital were a little emotional for him though,  as the many nurses, Social Workers, Physicians assistants, PT’s that had worked with Bob during his stay( many from other   stations) came by to say goodbye and wish him well.  His PT came by 3 times to say goodbye.   The NA that brought Bob to the car said she had never before seen the entire staff come out to say goodbye to a patient like that.  Bob said we had to go because he was getting a little misty eyed.   
   The ride to the facility was quick but I should have taken my time.   Bob has to be quarantined for 14 days because he hasn’t had a vaccination for COVID-19 yet.  I cannot be with him.  I pretty much had to drop him off at the door and leave.   Talk about emotional roller coaster.    Happy he’s out,  crying 😭 my eyes out cause I can’t be with him,  worried they’re not doing his meds right,    Well...  it’s been a couple of days now and I’ve settled down.  I can talk to him on the phone and I can have window visits.  I just can’t go inside. I am taking this time to get those little jobs done before Bob gets home.  Today I had the kids come over and clean up the yard and take down the Christmas lights that Bob left up.  They also helped move furniture out of 3 rooms so our son can paint and do knock down ceilings in them.   It was very nice to gather together again.  We called Bob when we were finished to let him talk with  the kids   It was a beautiful day to be outside.  
Thank you everyone,  Bob’s health journey is nearing its end ( still a ways to go but far from where it started)  We are so grateful for your continued support and prayers and hopefully VERY soon he will be back home.   I can’t thank you enough... bless you all. 

Bob asked that I not reveal his whereabouts as he wants to concentrate on his recovery and therapy.    I will keep you posted on his progress...    I’m so happy he’s out of the hospital. 
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