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Site created on June 2, 2018

Well how do I even begin what we have been thru the past couple of days.  

Tuesday Blake started with a double ear infection and was put on antibiotic and then 2 days later we go to his well check, he still wasn't feeling well, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought what we were about to learn.   Just like that - our lives are changed forever.  The Dr. sent Blake for bloodwork and once results came in he sent us directly to Children's Hospital.  What an amazing amazing hospital.  They took charge and by that evening our worst fears were confirmed - Leukemia.  Our precious little baby will only know this period of his toddlerhood as in and out of the hospital.  We are truly blessed that the type of leukemia he has is very curable and we are praying for that CURE status at the end of 3 1 /2 years.  We have a long haul ahead of us and have already been overwhelmed with the prayers and support we have been receiving.  My Aunt, Kathy Schlemitz, has set up a Go Fund Me Page and I cannot thank her enough to help ease a little of our stress as we watch test after test and chemo after chemo being administered.  

As much as I would love to see our friends, now and in the months to come is a very delicate time for Blake - his immune system will be compromised so very important that he is not around alot of people for fear he picks up something.  Please know that does not mean we do not care deeply for each and everyone of you,  It just means we have to take precautions.

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Journal entry by Jen Wuersig

This Sunday, May 31st, will be the 2 year anniversary of Blake’s diagnosis. Rather than let that day trigger scary memories, we choose to focus on all the love and support that has gotten us this far. If you have a team Blake shirt or wrist band, please wear it on Sunday. Share, post, tag or send to me so I can show Blake how many people are still cheering him on to the finish line.
PS- if you need a shirt or wrist band, let me know. I have limited shirt sizes left and plenty of wrist bands.
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