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Journal entry by Jennifer Gregory

We are SO grateful to the doctors and staff at City of Hope for the amazing job they did with the IRE surgery and taking care of dad during post-op recovery.  Things went incredibly well considering everything they were facing.  This was only the 4th time the procedure was done at CoH and it seems to be a great success.  There is no official way for them to check that the tumor is "dead" but based on what they can see, they feel that they have killed the cancer cells.  They were able to perform successful by-passes in the bile duct and intestine areas, they performed the IRE, and stitched him up nicely.  He's been healing very well!  It's been impressive to see his progress in getting around and gaining energy (he's walking a driving short distances).  My Pops is an exceptionally strong man, and I'm very proud of how well he's handled everything that he's been through this year.
Special thanks to the wonderful people that have surrounded him with so much love and care when he's needed it most.  My mom and Eli were at the hospital every day until he came home!  My brother flew all the way from NM to be with him during surgery.  His friends Bill and Erika visited and called many times.  Homemade dinner from Paul and the numerous phone calls from friends and family have filled him with encouragement and happiness.  Thanks to everyone on FB as well who have commented with well wishes etc. on these posts.  I will keep passing your messages on to him.
So, what's next?  Dad is basically in the clear for major complications.  The doctors think all has gone well and as soon as his wound heals completely, and he gets his strength back, he's free to do whatever he likes.  This should give Dad the opportunity to get out and enjoy things a little more than he was able to while going through chemo.  He should have more energy and less pain which will hopefully allow him to work a little, travel, visit friends, and enjoy retirement while he's feeling stronger.  On his bucket list so far is the New Mexico hot air balloon festival, a cruise to Mexico, visit family in Tennessee, and I'm sure much more :)
Medically, Dad will have a break for about 6 months with no treatment or scans.  Around March of next year he will have a CT to check for new cancer cells.  While it is expected to recur at some point, it is our prayer and belief that it will be a long time before that happens, or even better, that he becomes our walking miracle with no recurrence :)  Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers our way.  We know anything is possible!

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