Curtiss Easter|Sep 18, 2018
Hello grandpa.. just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts and give you something to read here.... so....
Rainey has her fall opening games tonight with her baseball team and soccer team. They will be at same facility but will overlap a bit. There will be some pics to share for you soon.
Chase made the archery team at his school and is looking forward to the season as they compete in a team format against other local schools this winter. Chase enjoys his new “math counts” class as he moves forward with his interest in math.
Izec had his freshman homecoming dance and football game last week. They won the game. He plays center, long snapper, and defensive tackle.
Lily’s is enjoying her time in Washington. This is her 4th week at her dorm but first week of class. She has been practicing with her team and getting in some extra workouts with her free time. She seems excited about this new chapter of her life.
Have a great day grandpa and take care!
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