Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Good morning family and friends,

PT & iPads. What do they have in common? Well Bill Snedeker is doing both!

He is progressing more each day. He will be on a regular routine of Physical Therapy to build strength and he has been using his iPad! So his body and mind are working together and getting more use daily.

He got a shave this weekend and is scheduled for a haircut on Friday.  Both of which he had no interest in a week ago.

His stomach has shrank quite a bit, so he is eating about 40% of his meals. Well also, pureed things like wheat rolls aren't too appetizing so we are working with his speech therapist and trying to get approval for more solid foods. 

We have been playing "Taste and Guess" each meal, I taste, he tastes and we try to guess what it is! So his sense of humor has also returned.

Slowly, he is returning to that sweet, funny guy we all know and love.

Thanks for checking in and please leave a comment so he knows you are checking in on him!
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