Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Good morning friends/family,

Bill was checked into Huntington Valley Rehab last night.  He is doing much better but still has a ways to go. 

They will be evaluating him this morning and determining the extent and of his rehabilitation.  Scott and I will be meeting with the Case Manager this afternoon to discuss exactly what that plan will be.

He asked for his iPad and some clean clothes (obviously he's better :)).

Please continue to pray for a complete recovery so that he can return home and be that great independent dad/grandpa that everyone knows and loves.

Side Note: They replaced 2 of his meds and removed another, we think that his Warfarin was what was making him dizzy and sick to his stomach. They have since replaced two of his meds including that one with more modern effective versions, which seems to be agreeing with him more.

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