Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Bill is currently staying with us until the weekend of October 20-21. At which time he will move into his new apartment at Merrill Gardens, an assisted living facility.

At this point we are still having trouble getting enough calories into him to keep his energy levels where they need to be. Please pray that he increases his food intake so he can get strong and ready to enjoy his new apartment.

Thanks for checking in.

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Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

"I'm ready now", which means he is ready to leave the rehab facility he has been staying in. Just a week ago, he wasn't, so this is great news. Lots of Dr's visits to make sure he is healthy/strong enough to move into an apartment of his own.

Curt and the great grand kids came for a visit last weekend and he really enjoyed spending time with them. Thanks Curt and Bri!

We are in the process of finding Bill a new home and moving him into an assisted living facility. Touring and calling to find just the right fit and mix of care but still giving him his independence.

Thank you for your prayers, phone calls, texts and messages.

We will post a new address when we get him to where he needs to be.

Much love and thanks.

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Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

We managed to get an appointment Thursday at 10:30 for the Oral Surgeon. This should help us determine how much longer he will be in the full time care facility that he is currently checked in to.

He WILL be moving out of his current apartment situation because of the stairs and possibly needing more long term assistance.

We will know even more after the Thursday appointment.

More to follow later.

Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Dad is experiencing quite a bit of swelling where he had his surgery which is of concern to us. We have been trying to get a doctor to see him, but as yet no one has stopped by.

If we have not heard from the resident doctor by noon today, we will be calling the Oral Surgeon that performed his surgery 6 weeks ago.

This is affecting his eating, which is what sent him to the Emergency in the first place. So, we need to nip this in the bud ASAP!

More updates as the saga continues. . .

P.S. He has this link and he has his iPad, so please keep leaving comments so he knows you are thinking about him....

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Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

The words I hear coming from my phone at work as dad is making sure his iPhone works....he is happy he got his phone back.

It's a good day when you have your phone with you to make all those important phone calls and keep your calendar updated for hair cuts and such.

We are in the process of determining his next living situation, but until we see markedly more improvement in physical strength - we can't make any long-term decisions.

Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Our small group decided to visit dad last night. There 8 of us! We got there at around 7:45 and we woke him up! We all crowded into his small space and chatted a while, prayed over him and then chatted some more.

We all told him how much we loved and missed him. I said "Well, we don't want to overstay our welcome" and he said "You don't have to leave", so we didn't!

I think he enjoyed the company.

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Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Good morning family and friends,

PT & iPads. What do they have in common? Well Bill Snedeker is doing both!

He is progressing more each day. He will be on a regular routine of Physical Therapy to build strength and he has been using his iPad! So his body and mind are working together and getting more use daily.

He got a shave this weekend and is scheduled for a haircut on Friday.  Both of which he had no interest in a week ago.

His stomach has shrank quite a bit, so he is eating about 40% of his meals. Well also, pureed things like wheat rolls aren't too appetizing so we are working with his speech therapist and trying to get approval for more solid foods. 

We have been playing "Taste and Guess" each meal, I taste, he tastes and we try to guess what it is! So his sense of humor has also returned.

Slowly, he is returning to that sweet, funny guy we all know and love.

Thanks for checking in and please leave a comment so he knows you are checking in on him!

Journal entry by Chris Snedeker

Good morning friends/family,

Bill was checked into Huntington Valley Rehab last night.  He is doing much better but still has a ways to go. 

They will be evaluating him this morning and determining the extent and of his rehabilitation.  Scott and I will be meeting with the Case Manager this afternoon to discuss exactly what that plan will be.

He asked for his iPad and some clean clothes (obviously he's better :)).

Please continue to pray for a complete recovery so that he can return home and be that great independent dad/grandpa that everyone knows and loves.

Side Note: They replaced 2 of his meds and removed another, we think that his Warfarin was what was making him dizzy and sick to his stomach. They have since replaced two of his meds including that one with more modern effective versions, which seems to be agreeing with him more.

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Bill’s Story

Site created on September 6, 2018

Bill was hospitalized on Saturday, September 1 following complications from jaw surgery last month. He was admitted to Hoag-Newport Beach for observation and further testing. He continues to show signs of improvement and regain strength each day. 

Bill’s daughter Linda and her son Curt, were able to visit with him Wednesday, September 5, 2018 and he receives daily visits from Scott and Christy. 

We’ll continue to post updates to this site as they become available—please be sure to check here before reaching out to the family directly. 

The Snedeker family appreciates your love, support and prayers.