Bill’s Story

Site created on May 5, 2018

4 hours was all it took for our life’s to be forever changed. At 8am in April 30 2018, Bill was at Chick Fil A in Denver with his
Car buddies. At 12 noon, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma an aggressive incurable brain tumor. Shock, worry and fear set in as Bill prepared for surgery Tuesday morning. A large portion of the tumor was removed and Bills left side mobility was affected. He soon started rehab and after two weeks he could use a walker a little bit and he came home. Our house was so different. Hospital bed potties wheelchair our shower rehabbed ramps installed furniture moved to provide wheelchair access.  Bill was scheduled for chemo and radiation on June 4 but the week before his mobility seemed worse so an mri was done. To everyone’s dismay, the tumor had already grown back where the surgery was and had spread across brain lines. Bill chose to go ahead with the treatments and our story continues

Newest Update

Journal entry by Cathy Henderson

A few nights ago, I had this dream:  I was standing in a doorway looking out across a great room that seemed to be a cabin of some sort.  As I looked, there was another doorway across the room.  Bill suddenly stood in the doorway, he caught my eyes, and shouted "Look at me!"  He started running at full speed toward the front door and out.  As I ran after him, there was a large front porch on the other side of the front door that had an iron railing across the front of it to keep people from falling.  Something was tugging at my elbow and I could not go any further than the porch.  Looking out beyond the railing, there were the largest trees I have ever seen sort of like the Redwood Forest but the giant trees were covered in deep deep green leaves tumbling over the ground.  Soon that loss will be changed forever.

The dream made me happy to see a small part of his rejoicing.  I believe that God speaks through dreams and this one will be with me forever.
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