Thoughts & Well Wishes

Betsy Hedstrom Khan | Jun 11, 2018
I was heartbroken when I learned today of Bill's recent passing.  I worked with Bill only briefly at Medtronic, but his enthusiasm, committment and proactive attitude really stood out.  The first time I met him, he immediately told me about his family.  It was the very first thing he told me about himself.  He was clearly very proud of all of you.  He will be missed by the Medtronic team.  My prayers are with all of you during this very difficult time.  
Rodd Johnson | Jun 11, 2018

Its been my great pleasure working with Bill at Medtronic. He and shared a lot of common past, 6 kids, love of sailing, military and more. Bill always spoke of how proud he was of his boys and wife. His love for them was the one thing he was always that came out. 

He will be greatly missed at work where he was such a great person to work with.