Thoughts & Well Wishes

Virginia Rada | Nov 23, 2020
We are already down in Arizona and are so sad about the news.   We have supported and loved knowing all of you at the Big Dog.  When we return next spring, we will make sure to be down there to greet you with a big hug.  This great sadness has really touched our hearts.
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Diane Knox | Nov 22, 2020
hi... just a thought..use a phone or other device to record a short message from the brothers, Barb etal. that can be played when he is awake.  He knows your voices...he doesn't know the hospital.  My one and only brother was in and out of concsious for over 2 over months - out of state - where i couldn't be with him.  we both felt it helped.  diane 541 504 7707
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