Dave Petrocchi|Jul 19, 2019
I am profoundly sadden by the passing of Jim. He was a cousin to my wife, Selma Kessler. When my wife’s father, Clarence Kessler, passed when she was only three, Jim stepped in. He was like an uncle, father, to my wife. He helped her mom, Velma Kessler whenever she was in need.
I believe, that as we pass thru life, we leave little pieces of ourselves behind with those we have loved. I see those pieces that Jim shared, both in my mother-in-law and wife. They are both stronger, fiercer and more loving for having Jim in their lives.

Jim, its goodbye for now. But, we will meet again.
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Selma Kessler|Jul 19, 2019
These goodbyes are the worst. He called me last month to let me know he wasn't doing well, and we had a chance to say "I love you" one last time. I was always so proud of my cousin. He was brave and smart and fearless. I happen to believe that energy is not lost, and he is still out there. With that belief, I know he'll see this: I still love you, Jim. And I love your beautiful family, too.
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Paula Kessler Stuelke|Jul 19, 2019
I am sad, but relieved. In conversations, I would playfully reference myself and my brother as 'stubborn-hannus Krauts' and I can't help but feel proud that when was told he had 48 hours to live, the 'ol warrior he was rewrote his history and said, "No. It'll be five + days." He fought with every fiber to not leave his girls he loved so much.
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barb mccabe|Jul 19, 2019
Such a difficult journey but he was amazing thru it all. You girls were amazing also. The difficult journey isn’t over. Praying for you. Love you!!
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Jim Jorgensen|Jul 19, 2019
Sadness, Joy and Peace are in my heart and thoughts today as we begin our journey forward. May Jim rest in peace. I believe I am a better person because of my time with Jim. The other Jim.
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joan Burns|Jul 19, 2019
Rest in Peace Jim, Rest in Peace..We know you are up there watching over your loving Family and will give them signs so they know you are there. Also we lost a great neighbor and a special Friend, we will miss you and miss seeing you on a daily basis.. Take care and sending Love and Hugs.

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Kim Losen|Jul 18, 2019
May he rest in peace. Although hearts are broken, may the many memories sustain you all. Jim left a piece of himself within all of you. The world is a better place because of him. Love to you all, kim
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