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Nov 22-28

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Hello out there to all of our family and friends that have been anticipating and wondering about the updates for our lady, Beverly Jean.  It has been awhile and that is because we have been going on with hope that all would be as we all hope it to be.  Beverly had her first anniversary and first new birthday on February 8th of this year and went into Duke for her bone marrow draw the following week.  We then traveled to Florida for a dear friend's wedding and a vacation.  When we returned, although we had the test results by then, our oncologist was on vacation so we did not get to pow-wow with him until yesterday, March 18th.  Although the test results looked good to us, we were not comfortable until we "heard it from the horse's mouth".  We had a great meeting with the oncologist and all is progressing according to plan.  Beverly is in remission and all of her levels are within range.  We are very relieved and thankful and of course, due to Beverly's strong constitution we should have expected no less.  She will continue on maintenance chemotherapy and received five of her vaccinations yesterday.  Sore arms and all, we are basking in the glow of recovery.  We again thank all of you for standing in solidarity with us during this past year and some.  Your thoughts, prayers and hopes for Beverly and I are so much appreciated.  Job is not done yet but progressing on positive tracks.  Will continue to update as circumstances change or as this caregiver sees something of interest.  We are currently hunkered down in the woods until this current event improves.  Please stay safe to all of you.  David

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