Angela Leuschen|Mar 23, 2020
Sooo happy to hear that!!! Love to you both 💗💗
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Elizabeth (Betsy) Meng|Mar 22, 2020
Again, love hearing the great news! Prayers were answered! I am still praying for Bev, many other cancer patient and now the world with our virus crisis!

So happy for you three! Love life and love each of you!

Thanks for posting David, you are so special!!!!
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Laurel Johnson|Mar 21, 2020
Such great news. You both continue in our thoughts and prayers. Love you both!
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Sallye Scoggins|Mar 20, 2020
Such great news. We know she has an awesome caretaker. Love you both.
Sallye and Randy
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Joel Wolf|Mar 19, 2020
Great news. Thanks for the info. Stay home, be healthy and don't push it. The backsplash can wait. All my contact with children precludes me from coming over. Love, Joel
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Jan Thomas|Mar 19, 2020
So very happy for the good news and it was wonderful to see you both. Keep it up Bev...we love you both bunches and more!
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gloria andrus|Mar 19, 2020
So happy for Bev, you, and the rest of the family. God does indeed answer prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤️!
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Travis Wanner|Mar 19, 2020
Great to hear Dad, give Bev our love and let her know the Wanner clan is praying for her! Love you both!!
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carolyn fridley|Mar 19, 2020
Great news! Indeed, “hunkering down” in these times is a must for the future. Love to y’all!
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Alice Zummo|Mar 19, 2020
God Bless you Beverly! I think of you often. Happy to hear good news today.
Thank you Dave. You have a wonderful way of staying in touch
& answering our un-asked questions .
Love & all God’s Blessings.
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