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Jun 13-19

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Betsy has been out of the hospital for just over a month now, and is making great progress. Her treatment now requires that she go in every two weeks for 4 days of in-patient chemotherapy. Through it all she is staying incredibly positive and strong- like the Betsy we all know and love so much!

She just got out out of the hospital from her 3rd round today, and said she was treated very well in the hospital.  Although it is going well, the chemotherapy is wearing her out quite a bit, and she is feeling the physical effects of exhaustion & hair loss. We are focusing on making sure she gets plenty of food, water and rest.

But all of the struggle aside, we are all feeling very encouraged by her progress in just one month. She seems more optimistic than she has yet- she’s laughing more, and she has her wit and sense of humor back- it is truly wonderful to see.  A huge part of her progress is the strength in her left arm and hand. She is now able to lift her arm over her head, and her grip strength is steadily improving. She demonstrated this by picking up a glass today! This is something she couldn't even attempt a week ago. She also was particularly excited that she pulled herself up to standing using the edge of the kitchen sink. She said her balance and core strength are improving a great deal.

As of now, we are taking it one day at a time, but the doctors are very optimistic, and so are we.

She really appreciates all of the phone calls, messages, and home visits, as well as the extremely generous food train organized by some loving friends. It has been wonderful and helped to keep us going day by day by allowing us to focus on Betsy's recovery and care.

We all want to say thank you for your incredible love and support- Betsy feels it, we all feel it, and it is making such a difference.


So much love and gratitude,


Maria & the rest of the clan.

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