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May 10, 2021

Betsy returned last Thursday from her four day inpatient chemotherapy session at St. Cloud Hospital.  The methotrexate residual levels need to be low enough to not be toxic and she needs to be monitored closely, thus the need to be hospitalized. This will be her future for the next year and a half. 

She generally has a positive outlook within her limited abilities but has not seen a great deal of return of function yet. The biggest change is that her voice has regained a more normal intonation. She can move her left arm much better but the fine motor skills of her fingers are still too limited to be useful. She has started reading her email more but it’s too difficult to reply much to email. She also has not yet returned to reading books. 

Betsy is very grateful for the strong outpouring of love and kindness that we have received from so many of you.  We look forward to being able to share better news as she improves. She would really like to simply walk around the backyard garden again as the return of warm weather unfurls the greenery and flowers in our backyard. 

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  • Bonne Roemhildt : Thinking of you Betsy and hoping you re enjoying the beautiful sunshine coming through your windows.
  • Tami Spry : Hello Betsy and Marty, my dear friends, we have just heard of Betsy's situation. Though I know you have many family members and friends helping, PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do. We cherish the time and history we have with the both of you and your family and look forward to much more love and life. We are sending love and light. All our love, Tami, Barry and Zeb.
  • Paulette Como : Hugs and prayers continuing to be sent your way.
  • Maureen McCarter : We love you, Betsy.
  • Silvia Ferraretto : Thank you for keeping us in the know. There isn't a day that I don't think of you beautiful Betsy. You are loved by so many. Sending you comforting hugs and prayers for healing. Besos from Silvia.
  • Susie Osaki Holm : Dearest Betsy, I just read Marty’s update and have to tell you that you are a very strong woman and will get through this. I myself can’t imagine being hospitalized for 4 days of chemotherapy. I hope that this treatment regimen is just once a month, given that this will continue for 18 months. What good news that you’ve regained some strength in your left arm and the intonation in your voice is much more normal. Marty mentioned that you haven’t been reading books. Would you be interested in listening to audio books? I know you have enjoyed them in the past. If there is one you would like to listen to, please let me know and I will send it your way. When it gets warmer, I hope to see you in your garden! With love and warm hugs, Susie p.s. I have also sent this message and photos to your email.
  • Bonne Roemhildt : Thinking of you and sending love and energy your way. Glad to hear there is some improvement and hoping you will have more each day.
  • Rachel Mason : Thank you, Marty for the update. Sending love and prayers for Betsy's continued progress toward recovery.
  • Lynn Martin : Hang in there, Betsy! This is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. I'm sure this requires the patience of Job, so my prayers will continue to be with you and your family throughout this long and torturous ordeal. We can look forward to small signs of recovery like your voice intonation and the use of your left arm. Hopefully, more will come with time and treatments. I know how much you rely on your mobility to enjoy the beauty of your garden. My hope Is you'll be able to experience that soon as spring arrives. Love you, Girl!😘
  • helen makela : If it can be done-Betsy will do it! Love and hugs all around!
  • Linda Allen : Thinking of you and your whole family Marty as you embark on this long and winding road. Sending prayers for Betsy's healing and strength in the days ahead and moments to enjoy the beauty of your back yard!
  • karen young : Thank you for the update Marty. So glad that Betsy is back home. I continue to send Betsy and your whole family positive thoughts and prayers. Karen
  • Pam Cesnik : We have been keeping Betsy lifted up in prayer along with all of you. If there is something that we can help with, please reach out as I’m pretty sure someone has our number. Sending lots of hugs, love ❤️ and prayer. God Bless.