Jen Arendt|Jun 4, 2019
Mark - your words, your love for and devotion to Beth and your amazing spirit - are so beautiful. Simply beautiful. We continue to pray for you, Nick and your entire family. We lift Beth up...and yes, the angels are singing gloriously!
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Sarah Kelewae|Jun 4, 2019
Thank you for sharing your story. You and Beth are amazing! Beth will live on through her character and the way she lived her life.
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Wendy Bradley|Jun 3, 2019
Mark - very well said. A perfect example of true love.
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margaret alford|Jun 3, 2019
Dear Mark, You have a way of saying everything so well, that I can't think of anything I need to add.
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father.
love, Aunt Margie
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Greta Hinderliter|Jun 3, 2019
Your post is exactly the Beth that I loved and cared about. She helped me in so many ways. Keeping you all in my daily prayers as you transition into your new life without your sweet Beth.
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Barb Gomez|Jun 3, 2019
Mark, your words are such a comfort. The service honoring Beth was amazing yesterday and it was wonderful seeing all of her caring friends and relatives, a complete picture of how her life and actions affected so many. Thank you far sharing her with all of us so that we could be blessed also. I will miss her deeply.
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Heather Castaing|Jun 3, 2019
Beautiful words about a lovely teacher that two of my children were able to benefit from her teachings as so many others did.
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Lynden Kidd|Jun 3, 2019
Dear Mark,

Well said. I think one of the gifts of marriage is to witness the life of the other.

Mark, you have been an articulate and able observer of a truly wonderful woman. The stories you’ve shared have been warm, and rich, poignant and funny. Mostly you gave all of us, your readers, the ability to be empathetic with your journey together.

I’m glad you had each other. I’m glad you were there to hold her hands. And, yes you did sweep her away..... She wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Big hugs and love galore.
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Brian Quade|Jun 2, 2019
What a wonderful summary of your life together. Beth is amazing, Nick is amazing and you are amazing. Your love and caring along with your incredible strength during this long journey are an incredible example for the rest of the world. Thanks for sharing your story with us. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!!
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Carol Moench|Jun 2, 2019
One word says it best: BEAUTIFUL
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