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Site created on February 14, 2021

In January (2021) I saw my doctor for a weird lump just beneath my rib cage. She thought it was a hernia but sent me for some scans—just in case. Those scans showed a mass concerning enough to earn me a visit to an oncologist (a cancer doctor). Lucky me!
I'm now on a journey I feel too young and healthy for. This may have surprised me and Andy, but it didn't surprise the God who numbers our days. We are trusting Him for these days—and hopefully many many years—ahead.

I hope if you decide to follow my journey, you'll see evidence of God's mighty power at every turn. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Bethany Hofmann

Yesterday I had post-op follow up visits with both my surgeons (one removed the tumor and one reconstructed). Their offices are more than an hour from me, so I knew it would be an exhausting day. I had high hopes that I’d get my last remaining drain removed, which would’ve made yesterday’s my last appointments until August. 🙌🏻

It was not to be. About 2oz of blood and fluid is still collecting in my drain each day. The threshold for removal is about 1.5oz. So I’ll keep monitoring. Maybe next week! 

✅ I’m down to about one prescription pain pill a day, along with regular Ibuprofen and Tylenol. 
❎ I still spend more hours flat or reclining each day than sitting or standing or walking. 
✅ Bruising across my abdomen (from surgery) has really faded. I no longer look like I was someone’s punching bag! (...even if I feel like I was! 😉)
✅ I can laugh and roll out of bed with less and less pain each day. Not so for sneezing, but I’m developing some sneeze avoidance techniques! 
✅ I feel loved! (See attached photo. 💗)

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