Thoughts & Well Wishes

Loyd Zisk | Nov 17, 2018
you are in my thoughts and prayers friend!! You have been down this road before...and come out the other side like the champ you are!  I know you are getting excellent care...and I will be following your progress carefully! Can’t wait to bring you dinner or lunch...with an extra serving hugs and love❤️ Loyd
jana eidson | Nov 17, 2018
HI Bess,

Just wanted to you to know you are in my heart, mind and prayers.  I hope you truly feel the love and encouragement returning to you that you have given out to so many, and that it brings you strength and comfort.  

Love and many blessings,
Jana Beth 
DALE SIMMONS | Nov 17, 2018
Love you so much Bessie Bug! We’re with you every step of the way ! Praying hard as you fight this battle! You are not alone! Mama Jean is a great prayer warrior and you are on the top of her list! Wise Council and love my precious friend! No words!🙏🙏🙏💃🏿❤️
Oh, by the way, THIS SUCKS!🥵😡😉