Journal entry by Bethany Henseler

A very low blood sugar (48) in the Michaels parking lot yesterday, prompted a phone call to Berkeley's doctor which led us to some new information. Results from the recent blood test showed that levels of insulin in the blood were elevated. Meaning, there was more insulin then needed in her blood, which is problematic. Although we aren't sure exactly what is causing that, we know it needs to be addressed. Berkeley was given some medication to start taking that will help control the amount of insulin that she is releasing. We are not 100% sure that this will work or help. But we have to try something to avoid these dangerous lows. As her Mama, it is so nerve racking to give your child new medication, but I am trying to be optimistic that this will help her body function better. 

We were also able to get our own continuous glucose monitor! Which is such a relief. Basically this means that we will have the ability to check Berkeley's blood sugar without finger pokes! This makes us all very excited. Thank you to those who have donated financially. It makes having to pay out of pocket for these expenses way less stressful. And I truly cannot thank you enough. 

Multiple other tests will take place over the coming weeks, and we are anxious to get results that will help us better understand how to help our girl. We will absolutely keep you all posted as new information is revealed. 
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