Journal entry by Bethany Henseler

This morning we had an early morning appointment with Berkeley's Endocrinologist. All of her blood test have had clear results so far. Meaning, there is no obvious indication of what is causing her low blood sugars. This is encouraging on one hand, and frustrating on the other. Her numbers were great yesterday, which made us wonder if maybe this was just a freak, temporary situation. However, today, she woke up from her nap with a BS of 53. Which, immediately needed to be treated with juice, and caused much anxiety for Galen and myself. Clearly, something is going awry somewhere in her little body, we just don't know where or why. Her doctor ordered more blood tests, so we left her office and my brave girl went and had even more blood drawn. They will repeat some of the previous tests, and add some new ones in an attempt to further explore possibilities.  

So, we are still waiting. 

Thank you all SO SO SO much for your constant support & encouragement. 
Galen and I have been talking non-stop about how grateful we feel to have a community willing & ready to step in and do whatever they can to help us during this time. It is incredibly hard for me to process hard things while they are happening. I tend to want to hide away until it is over. However, including you all in this journey has made me realize that people really do care, and burdens are lighter when shared. So, thank you all. 

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