Journal entry by MARY-ANN BOWMAN

This post is written by Mary-Ann (aka Grandma).

It is impossible to convey the gratitude and the wonder. Words are inadequate. It is as if Berkeley and her family have been lifted by the hands of a thousand angels. Thank you for every expression of caring and support.

As a parent and grandparent, it is amazing to watch as those I love are wrapped up by friends and family. Hard times are less lonely and scary when there is a team with you -- thank you for being part of #teamberkeley.

Our RV has been in Boise at the Riverside RV Park since November so that I have a place to stay during my frequent trips. The last thing Galen and Bethany need is anyone -- no matter how well-intentioned -- staying at their house. "Help" should always attempt to minimize burden -- not add to it.

Berkeley is perfectly fine as long as her blood sugar stays safe. To look at her, you would never know anything is wrong. And then her blood sugar is suddenly 59 and plunging, and it is back to this new reality called WTH?!

Yesterday (Saturday) we visited with our close friends -- Berkeley had so much fun on her first outing since leaving the hospital. Kira and her girls are probably still picking up the 1500 tiny beads that Berkeley dumped on their floor!

I stayed with both kids while Galen and Bethany engaged in the incredibly exciting Errand Running. Sometimes just getting out the house -- no matter what the activity -- is surprisingly exhilarating.

Galen and Bethany are fortunate to have a cadre of supportive friends and family, some with very helpful professional expertise. Yesterday also included getting an education about effective ways to manage Berkeley's blood sugar with diet -- we are so grateful to have a very skilled and generous  Dietician in our family. Thank you, Megan!

And then at 3:09 a.m. this morning I received this text from Galen: "It's been an absolutely wretched night. Berk has been up about every hour and her blood sugar has been trending down all night, making me a nervous wreck."

That is their reality. Things seem "normal" -- and then there is a slap upside the face reminding them that their "normal" right now is unsettled, unknown, and terrifying.

Galen and Bethany are managing the care of Berkeley with love and skill. Their ability to do this has been enhanced by the support of every one of you -- thank you.
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