Berkeley’s Story
The best way to begin is to share a post from Bethany's Facebook page dated January 27:

"We have had a very scary couple of days with our girl. On Thursday, Berkeley had multiple convulsions in my arms, followed by a very low blood sugar that got her an ambulance ride to the hospital. We were there for two nights monitoring her blood sugars & trying to figure out what is going on with her little body. Many things have been ruled out, but we still don't know exactly what is going on. We are home monitoring her for now, with many follow up appointments in the coming weeks. These past few days have been unexplainably difficult as we try and care for our girl & also our newborn. Thank you so much for all the well wishes & prayers & especially those who have offered tangible help. We are exhausted & scared & hoping for the best."

Unfortunately, this has not resolved.  Berkeley's blood sugar is not able to stay in the safe range for her age without constant testing and dietary intervention. 

This is out of the blue. While her father has Type 1 Diabetes, Berkeley's issue is almost the opposite -- it is as if she has too much insulin dropping her blood sugar.

No simple or obvious explanation has emerged. 

Berkeley is under the care of a pediatric endocrinologist;  additional test results are still pending. In the meantime, a scary level of vigilance is required to keep this child from dangerous and life-threatening hypoglycemic events.

It is hard to send individual updates and/or to remember who knows what, and so this page was created both to provide updates and also to help friends and family translate their caring into tangible help that will assist Galen and Bethany in providing optimal care for Berkeley.

Galen and/or Bethany will provide regular updates under the "Journal" section of this site.

Thank you for visiting and for caring about this little family. 


Newest Update

Journal entry by MARY-ANN BOWMAN

This is an entry by Mary-Ann -- aka Grandma. Galen and Bethany are pretty overloaded and so they gave me permission to update.

I arrived back in Montana on Thursday after spending 15 days in Boise. Galen is working from home but while he is present in case of emergency, he is diligent in his commitment to his job and so is upstairs working during the day; that leaves Bethany alone with the two kids. It is not a hardship for a doting grandma to be another adult to help out, I assure you.

Galen works for an amazing company -- we should all buy a Balsam Hill Christmas tree to support this incredibly wonderful company that takes such good care of their employee families. I have one of their trees and it really is a thing of beauty but they also have other products:

But I digress.

We have amazing friends. One special friend has been instrumental in helping sort through all the threads of information and essentially pulling on some of those threads to help direct Berkeley to the specialized care she needs. Thank you -- you know who you are.

Berkeley has an appointment on March 4 in Salt Lake City at Primary Children's Hospital Endocrinology Clinic. In addition, a well-regarded Genetics doc who specializes in metabolic issues is being included on Berkeley's care team. Berkeley also has a very caring and involved Boise Endocrinologist. Berkeley's team is solidifying and it is a strong one.

At the center of Berkeley's team are her parents. I cannot say enough about their thoroughness and commitment to Berkeley's care. Their matter-of-fact, common-sense approach to all of the moving parts makes things easier on Berkeley and keeps her safe.

Berkeley has crazy low blood sugars at least once a day, usually in the morning.

I was in charge one morning last week. When she woke up, her blood sugar was fine. I tested her blood sugar right after her healthy breakfast and it was still fine. Thirty minutes later she looked pale and tired -- I checked her blood sugar and it was under 60. It had dropped about thirty points in thirty minutes!!!

Holy Scary.

Juice bounces her blood sugar but without constant checking and just observing her, she would not be okay. Bethany and Galen are amazingly good at managing this -- but yes, they are ragged and overwhelmed.

Galen is off from work for the next week -- that will help a lot, although he still has school (he is in his last semester of an MBA but classes are online).

I will go back to Boise in a week so that once he returns to work there are two available adults (Bethany and I) during the day. Thank goodness I am on Sabbatical and have the flexibility to work on projects remotely.

I have seen firsthand the level of gratitude Galen and Bethany have for every gesture of caring and support directed towards their family -- it means more than you know. And even more -- those caring gestures have alleviated so much burden for this young family, allowing Galen and Bethany to direct their energy to what matters most: Berkeley.

I know I speak for every one of Berkeley's grandparents -- and we are many! -- when I say thank you for every note, every prayer, every expression of caring and support. You are helping take care of Berkeley and for that we are so very grateful.
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