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Site created on January 30, 2019

The best way to begin is to share a post from Bethany's Facebook page dated January 27:

"We have had a very scary couple of days with our girl. On Thursday, Berkeley had multiple convulsions in my arms, followed by a very low blood sugar that got her an ambulance ride to the hospital. We were there for two nights monitoring her blood sugars & trying to figure out what is going on with her little body. Many things have been ruled out, but we still don't know exactly what is going on. We are home monitoring her for now, with many follow up appointments in the coming weeks. These past few days have been unexplainably difficult as we try and care for our girl & also our newborn. Thank you so much for all the well wishes & prayers & especially those who have offered tangible help. We are exhausted & scared & hoping for the best."

Unfortunately, this has not resolved.  Berkeley's blood sugar is not able to stay in the safe range for her age without constant testing and dietary intervention. 

This is out of the blue. While her father has Type 1 Diabetes, Berkeley's issue is almost the opposite -- it is as if she has too much insulin dropping her blood sugar.

No simple or obvious explanation has emerged. 

Berkeley is under the care of a pediatric endocrinologist;  additional test results are still pending. In the meantime, a scary level of vigilance is required to keep this child from dangerous and life-threatening hypoglycemic events.

It is hard to send individual updates and/or to remember who knows what, and so this page was created both to provide updates and also to help friends and family translate their caring into tangible help that will assist Galen and Bethany in providing optimal care for Berkeley.

Galen and/or Bethany will provide regular updates under the "Journal" section of this site.

Thank you for visiting and for caring about this little family. 


Newest Update

Journal entry by Bethany Henseler


First of all, I would like to apologize for not being better about keeping everyone updated. Having two small children is a non-stop job and it has been really difficult to sit down and update. But, I appreciate you all so much and definitely don’t want to keep you in the dark! 

We met with a wonderful endocrinologist in SLC who basically said, in a nutshell, that this is a very interesting case & without further tests cannot give a diagnosis. Although that was frustrating to hear, it helped to know that we weren’t missing something obvious and that we were on the right track with further testing. We took a few days to spend time together as a family in Salt Lake and it was incredibly needed. We have had an extremely difficult past few months & needed to reconnect. 

When we got back to Boise we had an appointment with a metabolic geneticist in town. This was a HUGE gift, since originally there was a YEAR waitlist to see her, but we were able to get in within weeks. Probably due to some nudging from our Grandvocate (Grandma/Advocate 😂). Galen & I both really appreciated the insight from the geneticist, and feel very good about Berkeley being under her care. She had us meet with a nutritionist to see if we could gather more info about why this new lower fat, higher carb diet is helping so much. And she gave us a referral to get some genetic testing done on Berkeley. 

Here is the tough part. And something we are learning a lot about. Anything involving insurance & blood work & testing takes TIME. And often a lot of communication between a lot of people. I can’t stress enough how much having my social worker mother-in-law as our spokesperson has been such an incredible gift. She has been able to advocate for our family in a way that I simply haven’t been able too. But we finally got the okay from insurance to do the genetic testing, so Berkeley had her blood drawn on Wednesday and it was sent in. The results could take up to two months, so we will most likely not discuss the results with our doctor until our follow up appointment in June. 

Berkeleys blood sugar has been incredibly stable & so we are focused now on getting back on a relatively normal schedule. She started going to her little dance class again (we had to stop since physical activity was dropping her BS) and she adores it. She is such an active, cheerful kid, and I am grateful to see her be able to get out and play. 

Thanks again to all of you who have been on this journey with us. It definitely isn’t over, but we are taking advantage of the calm, and are trying to catch our breath.

Love to you all, 

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