Journal entry by Wendy Gorski

Due to Covid 19 we have a few requests so our community is able to remain in accordance with the governor's directives.  Thank you for joining us and continuing to wait with Ben and his family during this sunset.

1)  Please remain in your vehicles.  If you must exit for extenuating circumstances, please have masks and gloves.  These are precarious times and we must act responsibly to keep others safe.

2)  Please follow parking crew's directions.  We need cars to park in every other space to maintain six feet distance between cars.

3)  Please also turn off your vehicle when you park to reduce noise.  This means that you may need to wear coats in your car or bring blankets to snuggle under.  Open your windows and/or tune in as we start our vigil for Ben.

There are two methods for tuning in: 

1)  This is the preferable method for non-family members.  
Go to Facebook
         – Search for: canvas and clay in ak
         – There will be a live Facebook feed streaming here
         –  Here is the link:

2)  This is for out of state family members and close friends.  If however, you are unable to access the live Facebook feed, by all means tune in here.
        –  Go to Zoom
        –  Type in Zoom ID: 683 378 568
        –  Password will be on a poster as you enter the parking lot at Loretta French.
        –  If you are from out of state and have not heard from a family contact, please feel free to
             email me for the password.
        –  Please mute yourself and shut your own video off.

There will be no closing remarks; please depart when the last hymn has concluded.

Sheet music to follow.  Check back in if you are planning on attend.
Help Ben Stay Connected to Family and Friends

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