Amber Maddy|Apr 10, 2020
Although I won't be able to participate in the park vigil, I will light a candle for Ben and all of those who love him and honor him with everyone at 9:00p.m. tonight. Sending love, hugs and prayers!
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Ann Walters|Apr 10, 2020
Thank you Wendy for keeping us updated Wish we could be there with you for this living service. Our heart will be with you.
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Dean Glover|Apr 10, 2020
Becky and I are so grateful for Caring Bridge and Wendy's entries-thank you Wendy! What a nice tribute for Ben!
We are very happy for your faith and courage! We will continue our thoughts and prayers!
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Betty Burke|Apr 10, 2020
So pleased to be able to be physically present,though distant, to bless and honor Ben and the rest of this dear family!
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Cindy Glover|Apr 10, 2020
Sending our love and prayers...
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adele schneider|Apr 10, 2020
We feel blessed to be able to be a part of this tonight in Iowa after we return from work. Praying for you all and sending lots of love.
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Camie Modjadidi|Apr 10, 2020
What a meaningful, blessed gathering for Ben, Nicki, and all their family. I will be with you in spirit and send you all my love and comfort. Thank you with all my heart.
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