Camie Modjadidi|Apr 2, 2020
Dear Nicki and all Ben's family,
While miles separate us, we are close to you all with our hearts. Love and hugs sent to you all!!
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Lia Slemons|Apr 2, 2020
I'm grateful Kaya was very generous in correcting my mistaken recollections of the relative strengths of rangers and paladins.
Hope she will teach me about bird calls next! Or more about dwarves, that's good too. ;-)
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Susie Gorski|Apr 2, 2020
Thank you for your daily check ins...we are walking beside all of you...
With much love😘
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Levi Moody|Apr 1, 2020 (edited)
I'm sure a million and five people have already offered, but if you need D&D resources, I may have some extras I can send your direction since my entire family and play group has bought just about everything that's been published for 5th edition in multiple forms
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