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Resting—March 13, 2020

Yesterday marked five weeks since Ben's accident.  He is still in a coma at St. Elias Specialty Hospital from a serious brain injury.  While he has not made new neurological gains, the doctors have noted more reactions to external stimuli in the week and a half since he moved to St. Elias.  We are all still waiting for that six week mark for the medical community to assess him for his potential trajectory for rehabilitation, but have been cautioned to push out our expectations on timing in this uncertain process.  More than anything, thank you for your love.  Spring is coming and here is a prayer Nicki is reading:

Blessing the Seed

I should tell you
at the outset:
this blessing will require you
to do some work.

First you must simply
let this blessing fall
from your hand,
as if it were a small thing
you could easily let slip
through your fingers,
as if it were not
most precious to you,
as if your life did not 
depend on it.

Next you must trust
that this blessing knows
where it is going,
that it understands
the ways of the dark,
that it is wise
to seasons 
and to times.

and I know this blessing
has already asked much
of you—
it is to be hoped that
you will rest
and learn
that something is at work
when all seems still,
seems dormant,
seems dead.

I promise you 
this blessing has not
abandoned you.
I promise you
this blessing 
is on its way back
to you.
I promise you—
when you are least 
expecting it,
when you have given up
your last hope—
this blessing will rise
and whole
and new.

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