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Another Calm Day—March 11, 2020

Ben is at St. Elias Hospital with a serious brain injury.  He is still in a coma and working to get off the ventilator.  Ben has made no neurological advances today.  It is hard waiting, but we are trying to do it gracefully by making gratitude lists.  Today we are grateful for sunshine on snow.

1. Donate directly to Ben and Nicki at https://www.gofundme.com/f/1w5jryl100
2. Sign up to make meals for the family under WAYS TO HELP at CaringBridge
3. CaringBridge is free for Ben to use. "Tribute" donations go to CaringBridge.
4. Please keep sharing pictures, well wishes and stories.  Nicki would like me to pass on her gratitude for these; she reads them every day and is going through the stories posted here with the kids.

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