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Same—March 8, 2020

For those of you who haven't checked in for a while, here is a summary of where Ben is:

It has been a month since Ben's car crash. He in a coma and on a ventilator from a serious brain injury.

Ben has been taken off sedatives and many of the monitors and tubes have been removed. His body is starting to regulate itself in regard to blood pressure, core temperature, and blood chemistry. He is also starting to breathe on his own, but we have not seen any significant neurological improvements.

This past week he moved from the ICU at Providence to St. Elias Specialty Hospital, still in Anchorage. St. Elias is a long term acute care (LTAC) facility that specializes in patients who are on ventilators and often takes such patients from local ICUs. 

This is a good move for Ben as they have more accommodating rooms and a robust therapies department that will be working aggressively to help wake him up.

The staff has reiterated that this is going to be a long process, and while six weeks will give them an idea of how many gains Ben will make, it is more realistic to push our expectations out. 

Ben’s wife Nicki and his parents remain at his side every day, while Nicki’s parents have been taking a leading role in getting the kids to school and activities.

You support has made a huge impact on this family. Thank you so much.

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4. Please keep sharing pictures, well wishes and stories.  Nicki would like me to pass on her gratitude for these; she reads them every day and is going through the stories posted here with the kids.

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