Journal entry by Wendy Gorski

Ben was able to tolerate a follow up CT scan with the report of no new news (which is good).  The pressures in his brain are thankfully staying low and as it seems he has a slight fever, they are keeping him cool and with some antibiotics on board to ward off any infection.

He is still under intensive care, unconscious, on many medications and machines, with a respirator assist.  
The sedative drugs can take nearly a week to clear out of Ben's body and it is not until they clear his system that the doctors can assess his injuries.  The sedatives are still on board and Ben has not begun to wean off any.

If you have contact with his family at all, be conscientious, minimize sick contact and wash hands.

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Please keep sharing pictures and stories.  Nicki would like me to pass on her gratitude for these; she reads them every day.  You are keeping us afloat.
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