Well Wish

By Sara Hodge — Apr 14, 2020
I met Ben on a Taiga Trekkers hike at the Eagle River Nature Center back in 2010.  I had already stalked him through his blog about living in a yurt.  So cool to live in a yurt.  He spoke with me about the ins and outs of yurt living.  Ben invited me and another parent for some cross country skiing while pulling our munchkins.  He taught me the trails in the Eagle River and Chugiak area.  I tried to bike while pulling the chariot with Ben and the other parent, but I failed miserably.  Ha!  I ended up buying an orca whale puzzle that Ben made for my son’s 1st birthday and to remember our time in Alaska.  We still have that puzzle and I tell my kids about Ben and the lessons I learned from him every time we work it.  The world definitely lost a great human being.  He was such an inspiring person that really let his love for being active and in the outdoors show.  I am so honored that I knew him, even for a short while.   Sending my condolences to all of Ben’s family during this very hard time.   
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