Honor Benny

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18 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Benny Benson as a lifelong friend, teammate, and inspiration to all.”

— Ben Barton

“We're supporting CaringBridge in recognition of its importance to Benny Benson and his family as they have kept in touch with so many friends.”

— The Bowman Family

— Robena Beaupre

“In honor of Benny Benson”

— Katrina Wagner

“In honor of Benny Benson”

— Lisa Lacombe

“Jesus Christ is Risen! Hallelujah! In honor of Benny Benson”

— The Denisons

“In honor of the glowing & inspirational soul of Benny Benson. I feel enriched by having met you. Strong & heartful prayers to you & your family.”

— Anonymous

“All our thoughts and prayers are with you Benny, and all of your family too.”

— Bill Harrold

“With warm birthday wishes and prayers for a speedy and thorough recovery.”

— Peter Guest and Jen Ellis

“In honor of Benny Benson - a man of heart; of mind and strength; a man of God and family.”

— Anonymous