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Journal entry by Amanda Augustin


Been a long busy day for Benny. Last night he was still feeling pretty pukey and saying his tummy hurt so the team agreed to do stool testing (after I was denied the day before since he was antibiotics I got worried the C. DIFF recolonized). They tested for everything bacterial and viral that could cause infection that typically can be found in the stool. The test results started coming back today right after rounds. Everything was coming back negative so we thought we were home free and hoped a change in anti nausea meds would help him to settle back down. He did start to be less nauseous and the vomiting stopped for the afternoon. He even started to talk more clearly (still not anywhere close to how he was but an improvement). Around 2 today though his C. Diff came back positive, he has recolonization since mostly likely due to the antibiotics he got when he spiked a fever a couple nights ago. The hospitalist didn’t think it was necessary to start the enteral vancomycin when I suggested he start it prophylactically     if he was going to put him on an antibiotic. Now Bennett is back in contact isolation meaning we can’t take him to the main gym for REHAB services or to the playroom. He will be on enteral vancomycin probably for 2 weeks and monitored very closely. If we want to get out of isolation he will have to test negative and then we will have to move rooms again. On a positive note Bennett did get to finally get a real bath/shower today and loved every minute of it.  Prayers today the C.Diff was caught early enough it won’t cause issues. Prayers Bennett continues to make forward progress with his physical and verbal rehab. Prayers the medical team will start listening to us when Jacob or I make a simple suggestion based on our past experience and our child’s very unique medical history. 

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