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Site created on November 17, 2019

Check back here for updates on my battle with Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer (and the insurance company ugh). 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Benita Bobo

How has it been 6 months since my last update?? Well lots has happened - got a second puppers, finished my 1200 hours of internship work, graduated, got a job, paid off my car, and turned 30! I've had some additional shrinkage but we're staying stable at around 43% total. That's good news but also bums me out a bit because I want more shrinkage!! I want to go in for my next set of scans and just have all the bad things gone... I'm talkin' ice age, asteroid collision, EXTINCT. But I'm feeling good and getting to skate a lot more that I have some free time back (what is free time???).

In other exciting news, we bought a vintage camper trailer that I'm going to turn into my mobile office. I'm currently working part time at the Center for Discovery (Eating Disorder Treatment Center) and I want to continue that after I get licensed along with starting my own private practice. My vision is that I will be able to "set up shop" in the parking lot at different ice rinks or gyms and provide nutrition counseling to athletes and anyone who is interested! The inside is going to super minimalistic and convertible to an actual camper to go adventuring with. SO EXCITED. Currently getting it wired for electricity and AC (very important) then we'll start decorating the inside. WEEE.

We're taking a mini vacation to St. Augustine, and after that I'm going to buckle down and STUDY. Next step: PASS RD EXAM! Let's do this!



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