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Gifted by anonymous

“Keep the faith!!!!”

Gifted by Scratchy Riggs

“In honor of Ben Baltz - I had the pleasure of meeting your Dad a few weeks back. Best of luck to you in the future. Semper Fidelis”

Gifted by Charles Norton

“In honor of Ben Baltz, a gutsy kid with a great future. Go Ben!”

Gifted by Mr. John Holmes

“Ben, I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up for you! All my best.”
Joseph C. Baltz

Gifted by Joseph C. Baltz

“CaringBridge has been our LifeLine to our Community, thanx for keeping up with Ben, he has loved all your notes! JC”

Gifted by Mr. Walter Jennings

“In honor of Ben Baltz”

Gifted by Margaret Griffin

“Your enthusiasm is contagious, Ben!”
Mrs. Joan Freeman

Gifted by Mrs. Joan Freeman

“In honor of Ben Baltz and his amazing family!!”

Gifted by Richard Cossio

“In honor of Ben Baltz”

Gifted by Mr. Matt A. Smith

“In honor of Ben Baltz”