Journal entry by Katie Bogner

There were many beautiful and memorable moments from mom's funeral Mass, but few have brought more comments than Steven and Luke's eulogy for her.  It made us all both laugh and cry and shared so many special memories of Becky.  For those that have asked as well as those who couldn't attend, we'd like to share the guys' notes from their speech here.


For those of you who don’t know me I’m Steven Zimmerman, Stephanie’s husband, and by all accounts, Becky’s favorite son in law.

I’ve truly struggled in figuring out what to say about Becky today, there are so many amazing things to say, so many memories, and so many stories to tell.

Most of us will remember that Becky expressed love through food, always making enough to feed 8 more people. She never hesitated to make something special upon request, like a strawberry pie for Violet, or cranberry sauce for Luke, or onion free potato salad for me.

Last night after the visitation, while looking for a snack, Stephanie and I found Becky’s pie pan stash. We counted 19 pie pans. And I’m sure she has one or two on loan to some of you.  On behalf of the family, keep the pie tins.

Becky taught us all so much. She taught us about hospitality, through always welcoming people into her home. She taught us about always having a good attitude, she was so positive through all of life’s ups and downs. She taught us about generosity, always willing to give of herself. Becky also taught us to hide the dirty dishes in the oven when company was coming over. She taught us to only threaten to throw away the kids toys, with a clean trash bag in hand. She somehow instilled in her daughters to call at the most inconvenient times.

If we ever need a reminder about who Becky was. Look at her girls. The kindness and generosity they exude are exactly who Becky was. Each one of the girls, are living tributes to the person Becky was.

I always loved Becky, but after Stephanie had kids, she became such a huge part of our lives. When they were babies, she was always available ask questions too or to snuggle a baby overnight so we could sleep. As the kids have aged, she truly embraced her role as Gigi. Spoiling the kids, making things with them, or giving them ice cream, way after bedtime.

One of the hardest parts about Becky passing so young is that our kids will miss so many memories with her. I’m sad for my babies, because I know how special Gigi was. She loved them so so much.

We always joked about how “Becky time” was a very real thing in the Bogner house. Becky was never early, or on time, or in a hurry. We seriously considered starting Mass on time today, but  having the funeral director bring Becky in 10 Minutes late.

We are left here to carry on without Becky. Our life’s being harder and not as enjoyable without her. However, I know she wouldn’t want us to mope around sad because she’s gone. She would want us to be joyful, glad to have loved someone so special. She would want us to enjoy the simple things, like pretty wild flowers, or a beautiful old house, or a perfect day on the porch.  Above all she would want us to value the people in our lives, to hold our babies tight, and love them like Gigi would.


Good morning everyone, I’m Luke Werner.  I was fortunate enough to marry Emily over there and am blessed to be a part of this family and to have to opportunity to love, tease, be doted upon, and laugh with Becky.

Becky had one of the most generous souls I have ever encountered.  She gave tirelessly and make it look effortless. When Emily and I first started dating, I told her about how much I liked my Harley.  Becky made a mental note and has never once failed to buy me Harley shirts, calendars, key chains, and gadgets stamped with the ever costly Harley Davidson Bar and Shield.

I was lucky enough to greet tons of Midland teachers, administrators, workers, and students last night.  Many of them remember Becky for all her smiles, hugs, and efforts in and around school. Becky kept score at volleyball during those long middle and high school seasons.  To the coaches and players of the Timberwolves, thank you. I don’t know if it is commonly known, but Becky took that job for the sole purpose of bankrolling our Christmas morning.  Each game she was at bought her grandkids toys, bought her daughters beautiful dresses, and her son in laws tools, and bought Steve all sorts of antique toy tractors, which are proudly displayed around the house.  I will sincerely miss those mornings and the joy they brought everyone.

Becky touched an uncountable amount of lives, and the time I spent right over there last night was a testament to her dedication to this community, school, and church.  Many know her because of her gift of baking. We all know Becky was generous, and boy I loved it when she was generous with the cookies and cakes. Her way of showing love was to bake.  She welcomed me into the family by baking my wedding cakes. Yes, the mother of the bride was the sole provider of the cakes at my wedding. To top that all off, all but one of them fell completely through the night prior to our wedding.  Slightly panicked, I remember her saying, “Well, um, this has never happened before, I don’t know what I did…” Not to be deterred, she spent the better part of the night prior to her daughter’s wedding not reflecting, not reminiscing, but baking.

Becky would do anything for her family.  Her generosity was uncanny, but it was not without effort.  Becky didn’t just give a mountain of gifts at Christmas, she wrapped them all.  Becky would go through a forest’s worth of wrapping paper to bring her grandkids (who are we kidding, us too) the joy of Christmas.  Becky put countless hours in the kitchen cleaning up after huge meals, and making tons of cookies. She held back nothing to make the house hospitable.  She cooked our kids’ favorite meals and she renovated rooms to make room for our growing families. She went so far as to buy the same baby monitors so that we had a seamless transition between our home and hers. Becky would bend over backwards twice to make you feel welcome in her home.

I will miss Becky’s smile.  It was intoxicatingly warm. Joy radiated off of her whenever she was around, and nothing brought her more joy than her grandkids.  I encourage you all to take a page out of Becky’s cookbook, smile, and have hope.

We all wonder what we will ask the Lord when we arrive at the Gates of Heaven.  Certainly I have my fair share of questions, and would love to know God’s plan. I take joy in knowing that Becky was privileged to be able to look her Savior in the eye and have her deepest questions answered. We can all speculate as to what that question was, but I’ve narrowed it down to two:

  1. Which way to the kitchen?

  2. What is your favorite kind of pie?

Thank you all for attending today, it means more than you know to see all of you here.

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Journal entry by Emily Werner

Today we celebrated Mom's life with a beautiful funeral Mass. 250 others were there to remember her. Our family and friends gathered with us, our closest friends did the readings, the girls' childhood friends brought forward the gifts, Midland students performed the music, and her sons-in-laws gave a eulogy that made us both laugh and cry. The church was filled to the brim with flowers of every color. What a beautiful sight to witness.

Every minute of the Mass pointed us toward what is good and true, and Mom would have loved seeing so many of her favorite people all together in the church where she married, raised her family, and lived out her faith. This same faith gives us a hope and a purpose as we go forward. God is so very good.

Yesterday evening nearly 600 people lined up to offer us condolences, memories, prayers, and hugs. We cannot say it enough - your support, near or far, has meant everything to us. What an incredible tribute to Mom. We know she would have hugged each and every one of you so tightly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Below is a letter our family has written to share with you, in gratitude for your love and support.


Dear Family and Friends,

 “...We boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance; endurance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit...”~Romans 5:2-5

Hope- the word that has forged our path and guided our steps on this journey.

For much of these past weeks, the word hope has rung in our ears and pressed into our hearts. We rested in hope on the better days and clung to it on the hard ones. We lived in hope that mom would heal, be made well, and return home to us.

Instead, we walk this path, the one we would have never chosen but ultimately was God’s will. In such a time as this, it would be easy to question - what was the purpose of all that hope? What is the purpose of this suffering? And we have received this answer in Truth - our hope is not of this world, not of our own plans or desires, no matter how good. Our hope is in the Lord, ever gracious, ever merciful, ever loving. Our hope is in Heaven.

Our mom emulated this same hope and love in the way she lived each day of her life. She gave her time, her gifts, her kindness, and her smile to everyone she met and poured herself out in service to others. She loved as Christ loves us still - completely, selflessly, and unwavering.

Over the last few days, we have often spoken how people are grieving for us - losing a beloved wife, a cherished mom, and an adored Gigi too suddenly and much too soon has been the greatest tragedy we have ever faced. But also, there are so many who are grieving with us. Many of you feel your own loss of Becky so acutely. When you live the way she did, overflowing with love for others, it’s hard to not be touched by that love. We are all marked in some way by Becky’s life. We honor her by honoring you, her family and friends - thank you for sharing your stories, your memories, the places in your heart where she will live on forever.

In gratitude, we offer you the same thing that has been offered to us - hope through Christ. We do not despair. We rejoice in hope and persevere toward our ultimate goal - a life in Heaven with our Lord. We hope for happier days on earth, that the stories and memories we share will come with both laughter and tears, knowing they are made sweeter from the suffering. We hope for all of you who are hurting today to be comforted and for peace to wash over all of us, leaving only an ache for our true home, where there will be no more pain or sadness - only joy.

In mom’s kitchen, there is a sign that hangs on the wall stating, “Home is where your Mom is.” These words have never been truer. Our home is where our mom is. Our home is in Heaven. May we all one day be Home, together again once more.

With hope -
Steve, Katie, Steph, Steven, Violet, Oliver, Evan, Emily, Luke, & Teddy

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

Rebecca Sue Bogner, 58, of Sparland passed into eternal life on April 6, 2019 unexpectedly from a respiratory virus. Cherished wife, beloved mother, and adored Gigi to four grandchildren, she has left an indelible mark on the world that words would never do justice to.

Becky was blessed enough to always call the countryside her home. She was raised in Wyoming, IL, born to Harold and Betty Wilkinson on March 29, 1961, and was a 1979 graduate of Wyoming High. She attended Illinois Central College. She and her loving husband, Steve, were married in 1983 and resided on their family farm in Sparland for more than 35 wonderful years of marriage. Their love for each other and for their family is undoubtedly Becky’s most impactful legacy.

Becky devoted herself to raising her three daughters, instilling in them through her actions a love for radical hospitality, gracious generosity, and service to others above self.

As they grew, Becky was employed with the Midland School District as an administrative assistant. She worked for the district for 22 years, and greeted everyone with her kind smile and willingness to help without hesitation. She loved her daily interactions with her coworkers and the students. She was an involved parishioner at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, where she and Steve attended their entire marriage and made many lifelong friends.

Becky was known to her friends, family, and community through countless ways. She was part of the Sparland Mothers Club when her girls were young, a 4-H leader and volunteer for many years, and a proud supporter of the Midland FFA. She baked cakes for every special occasion, from birthdays to weddings. She renovated and decorated their 140 year-old farm house, making it both beautiful and a place to call home for her girls and their friends. She was always elbow deep in craft projects and ankle deep in her garden. Her generosity could not be exceeded through her cooking and baking - there was always enough food for one (or five) more at her table. She would cook a several-course meal and still ask for requests for your favorite pie to whip up at the end of it.

She leaves behind the love of her life, husband Steve, her three daughters, Katie Bogner of Chillicothe, IL, Stephanie Zimmerman of Colchester, IL, and Emily Werner of Fort Riley, KS, beloved sons-in-law Steven Zimmerman and Luke Werner, and the little lights of her life - four grandchildren, Violet, Oliver, Evan, and Theodore. Out of the countless hats she wore throughout her life, Gigi was the one that brought her the most joy.

Services for Becky will take place at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Lacon. The visitation will be held Thursday, April 11th from 5-7PM. The funeral Mass will be Friday, April 12th at 10:30AM with luncheon to follow. Memorials can be made to the Midland FFA or Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

The joy and memories she leaves behind for those who loved her and were loved by her far surpass the great sorrow we feel. We rest in the hope that she is in Heaven in the presence of our Lord, and that she already knows what kind of pie to make for Him.

Eternal rest, grant unto her, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

Please join us in celebrating mom’s life. 
Mom’s Funeral Services:
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Lacon, IL
Thursday, April 11th
4:30 pm Rosary, 5:00-7:00 Visitation
Friday, April 12th
10:30 am Funeral Mass, Luncheon to follow

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Journal entry by Katie Bogner

We are devastated to have to share this, but mom passed away peacefully this morning. We've been praying for either a miracle of healing or a painless death, and we got the latter. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support, for loving her and caring for her throughout both her life and her illness. We'll be making arrangements soon and will share those details here. Thank you. 

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

Mom has had a really rough 24 hours. One of her lungs collapsed last night around 3 a.m., and they were able to fix it with a chest tube, but there is an increased risk it will happen again.
She is on a higher level of sedation, both from the chest tube and the fatigue/pain in her chest and back. 
They've also looked more closely at her CT scans and have not seen any evidence of healing. Mom is still in active ARDS.
She is receiving the same plan of care- steroids, etc., but we are maxed out on vent settings. She's stable and more sedated right now as we wait to see what the next couple days brings. Due to the lack of healing in her lungs, there are no next steps at this time.

Katie and Steve are currently the team with her at the hospital. We’d appreciate any visitors first checking in with Katie before coming so that we minimize disruptions to her rest and allow us to not be away from her for long. We appreciate your prayers for her and for us as we walk down a road we never wanted to travel.

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

After our long day with hard news yesterday, today wasn’t too eventful. Mom got a great night’s sleep last night and has been resting better during the day. She is still alert and communicative, but fortunately can relax and snooze in between times of wakefulness. She’s in less pain today (yesterday seems to have been severe muscle spasms in her back, today is a duller pain in her rib muscles when she coughs). 

We were able to work down on the oxygen settings slowly on the vent last night, and she is still holding her own on those settings tonight. 

Mom started another intense round of steroids today. We pray that they are effective in supporting the healing of her lungs, but that the associated risks (elevated blood sugar, compromised immune system) are limited. 

We continue to ask for your prayers while mom fights the terrible effects of this virus. We’ve been in the ICU for over three weeks, and are still clinging to the hope of her healing and recovery. St. Padre Pio said it well with his powerful message to “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” We seem to be doing ok with the first two directives, but the third one certainly lingers in our minds as well. Thank you for storming heaven right alongside us. 

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

The past 24 hours have honestly been a little rough on both mom and us. After seeming to find a balance of less sedation during the day with mom very much feeling herself and then a little more sedation at night to help her sleep, mom was incredibly restless overnight and into this morning. She was complaining of sharp pain (a first) and difficulty breathing, especially with some long coughing fits, which lead to increased heart and respiratory rates and decreased oxygen saturation. 

Fearing a heart issue and/or a large Pulmonary Embolism, they first did an echocardiogram on her heart, and praise God, her heart is fine. Not even signs of the AFib from last week. 

So then they got immediate orders to take her for another CT (which she did great for- if you remember she has had a hard time maintaining her oxygen during all the movement needed for the test. It was great to hear that despite everything, she did well holding her oxygen saturation during the CT). We were going to get the results tomorrow, but again, the right people put a rush on it and we had a doctor filling us in within an hour of the test.

The good news- The few small PEs are no worse, so they are not causing this. The doctors are no more concerned about them than before, and will not be starting a blood thinner treatment regimen yet.

Other smaller good news for the day is that mom’s chest X-ray showed improvement (which you’ll see is interesting once you keep reading), and her hemoglobin has continued to rise, eliminating fear of internal bleeding and the need for other interventions.  

The bad news- moms lungs are no better than the last CT scan from five days ago, despite the improved vent settings she was able to sustain over the weekend, but that explains why we are back here again. 
The answer is that she is still in active ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). Usually that only lasts two weeks and then they start to see improvement, but mom is still within the ARDS spectrum. This justifies why we haven't been able to move forward. The doctor explained it like this- if you have a really bad wound, first it is going to be swollen and inflamed and secrete infection. That stage usually lasts two weeks for the lungs. Then you get a scab/scar and it is still not healed but it is on the way to being better. That is the stage where they hoped mom would be now, but instead she is still in the active inflammation stage. We need to get her into the scarring and the healing stage before we will see much improvement on the vent settings. 

It is of course good that she has made it this far. The doctor this afternoon actually quoted a statistic to us for the first time (unfortunately we already knew this from Dr. Google- heed our warning and don’t research what mom is going through right now). Only 50% of ARDS patients survive past two weeks. Mom beat that statistic, but it is very serious that she is still in ARDS after three weeks and not yet healing. One of the head doctors has seen someone in ARDS for five weeks, but the longer it lasts the more permanent the damage to the lungs.

They are certainly not giving up- this just changes the approach a little. She is going to be on another heavy dose of steroids for the coming days and then a taper over weeks to try and help support her lungs as much as possible. The main risk with the steroids is that she'll be more immuno-compromised, but it is a calculated risk that they will already be trying to prevent with her care in the ICU, and they obviously will be watching for any sign of infection. (We will also need to be careful with any visitors who may be sick- while it was important before, it’s critical now that mom not be exposed to any other bugs). They'll be making any changes to vent settings very slowly and trying to allow for more time to heal. And all of this means of course more time in the hospital, more time on the ventilator, longer to wean, and of course more therapy, etc. to get back to normal life. 

It was all hard to hear, but they have a better picture of where she is and now the goal is not weaning her off the vent in a few days (which some people walk in and try to do quickly- always with backwards effects). The goal is supporting her lungs as she continues to fight ARDS, and minimizing other damage or effects on the rest of her body. We'll talk more at the end of the week with the doctors about what they are seeing and what they want to do next. And we pray that these steroids are enough of a boost to get her through the end of this so she really can start healing.

Please pray specifically for:
-An end of inflammation and the beginning of healing for her lungs
-For protection from all infection as she starts another steroid regimen
-For health for our immediate family especially, that we won’t get sick and then not be able to be at the hospital to advocate and care for mom
-In thanksgiving for the problems that have been solved- stomach ulcers, HIT syndrome, sedation balance, AFib, and the leaking trach
-In gratitude for the outstanding professional care mom is receiving- we get lots of people popping in and checking on us in the hall, as well as hearing from our nurses of the day that he/she is often asked during the shift how Becky and her family are doing. We know that they want nothing more than to see her improve and to kick her out off the ICU, and we are praying for that as they do everything medically to make it happen. 

“For the Lord comforts his people, and shows mercy to the afflicted.”
Isaiah 49:13 

Journal entry by Katie Bogner

Mom’s newest motivation to get out of this hospital arrived yesterday!

Evan Walter Zimmerman
Born at 4:59 pm
Tuesday, April 2nd
8lbs 14.5oz
20.75in long

Evan has been nursing and sleeping well, Steph is doing great, and the whole family (including big sister and brother Violet and Oliver) is in love!

Mom had a great afternoon yesterday with a few visitors, and so she was wide awake when Steph FaceTimed to introduce us to Evan. She commented on how cute he was, how alert and awake at only an hour old, and wanted to know when the big kids  would get to meet him. The timing was so perfect and we’re grateful mom got to know all the details just as they happened, even though she won’t get to squeeze her newest grandbaby for a while. 

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Steph and baby through all this. Evan’s name means “God has been gracious,” and we certainly agree that He has been. We’ve mentioned before about how often the message in the daily Mass readings seems to apply specifically to what is happening in our lives, and check out what the Responsorial Psalm was for today: “The Lord is gracious and merciful” from Psalm 145. We believe that God has been, is, and will be gracious to our family. Please join us in praying that mom will be well enough to hold Evan sooner rather than later! :)

Journal entry by Emily Werner

Mom has had a couple of quiet days this week, which on one hand we're thankful for, and on the other hand we're desperately hoping to see some more progress soon. Quiet days come with their own sets of emotional challenges, though we are all glad to see she is resting well (and hoping that means she's ready to kick healing into high gear soon!).

The best news that came from today was that Mom's x-ray today showed improvement from yesterday, and we've been told many times that it takes awhile to show healing on an x-ray. So the fact that from one day to the next was able to show progress has been a very high point for us all on this quieter day. 

More good news - Mom has only needed oral meds like Tylenol during the day the last two days to help manage pain and discomfort. In the evenings she is still getting an IV drip to help her sleep well. She is off all heavy sedation and has been able to be alert much of the day (between naps) and can smile, mouth words, ask for things, etc. Every smile is a gift to our hearts and we are more than happy to accommodate her requests for things like moving pillows and adjusting the fan. We've become very willing worker bees over the last week or so when she is awake. :) 

We have had wonderful members of our extended family taking a few hours here and there to spend with her while dad and kids are unable to be at the hospital, and we are so appreciative. Mom has also enjoyed having the company. 

Yesterday evening mom was able to significantly come down on her FiO2 settings on the vent, and though she wasn't able to maintain throughout the night and into the morning, we were still so proud and happy to see that for a period of time, her body was working hard to adjust. We're praying those numbers are able to come back down again soon. 

We called today a holding pattern - not much backward and not much forward either. We thank God each and every day for any baby steps in the right direction, and pray tomorrow will be full of a few more. All in His timing. 

Katie found this quote to share tonight, a balm for our sometimes impatient hearts:

“God’s delays are mysterious; sorrow is sometimes prolonged for the same reason for which it is sent. God may abstain for the moment from healing, not because Love does not love, but because Love never stops loving, and a greater good is to come from the woe. Heaven’s clock is different from ours.”
~ Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Journal entry by Steph Zimmerman

First, we're so thankful for all of the love and prayers that our family has received throughout all of this. We know that mom is loved by so many people. We thought that starting this journal may be best to help keep everyone updated throughout mom's recovery process.

To give you the background, mom had a bad cough over a week ago and then developed a fever a few days later. After a few days with no improvement, dad took her to prompt care on Monday, March 11 and was told she had pneumonia. After 3 rounds of meds (around 36 hours) mom's fever spiked again and she was short of breath, so they went back to prompt care. From there, she was sent to the ER and was admitted.  She is currently in the ICU at OSF. 

Over the last few days in the ICU, the doctors have figured out mom had H1N1 and developed a post-viral infection in her lungs and had severe pneumonia in both lungs. She was on an oxygen mask but her oxygen levels were too low which had a lot of different effects, so the doctors decided it was best to sedated and intubate her. After intubation, her numbers improved a lot and she was doing great. She was breathing above the breathing machine, which normally is great but in her case, she wasn't breathing deep enough so her oxygen levels dipped and CO2 levels were a little too high. They also found out she has several tiny stomach ulcers but was administered a medicine to improve them and no intervention is needed for now, which is awesome! 

Friday mom was slightly sedated to allow her to rest, but she was insistent about writing us notes and still communicating what she needed. She showed awesome glimpses of her personality, sense of humor, and her love for us through her notes. She also squeezed our hands a lot, motioned for us to come closer and "give us a kiss", and best of all ask, for an XL Iced Tea "please" from McCallister's. So now everyone knows her order and are hopeful she'll be getting that iced tea soon. It was incredibly encouraging to be able to be with her and communicate with her for that time. 

Saturday, t
he doctors decided it would be best for her to give her a paralytic sedative to allow the machine to breathe for her so she can take deeper breaths, have fewer breaths per minute, and rest better. So she will be completely out for the next few days - which is really hard for us to see her like that, but it will be really good for her and allow her to heal. They are also going to rotate her to her stomach and then back a few times over the next couple days to help the fluid move and give the back of her lungs a better opportunity to heal since the infection has just been sitting there the last couple of days.  They have her on her stomach and everything is looking really good so far. Once they're done in a few days and as long as her numbers continue to look good, they'll wean her off of the paralytic and decrease the use of the breathing machine.

She's still in critical condition but the doctors have been pretty positive throughout which has helped a lot. Right now, she'll probably be there a few weeks.
  So any and all prayers for mama are really appreciated, she's been a tough cookie so far and is fighting really hard. 

Below are the updates that were sent out over the last few days. We will continue to update here as needed. Please continue to pray for mom and for our family. Prayer is powerful and we know our Lord is the Divine Physician, and He hears and answers us. 


Thursday 3:09 pm

Unfortunately, my mom's blood gases didn't improve enough and they are intubating her to try and let her lungs heal and rest. We don't know much else yet. Feel free to text me, but my dad doesn't really want to answer his phone right now. We don't need any thing besides your prayers. Thank you.

Thursday 5:40
Latest update- they intubated mom in an effort to let her lungs rest and to increase her oxygen. She is sedated, but alert enough that she is shaking her head yes and no, giving thumbs up, waving goodbye, etc. They'll be monitoring all her numbers closely and continuing to fight the infection.

We also heard officially that this all started with the H1N1 strand of the flu, explaining it's seriousness.

Thursday 10:50

Im sorry it's so late, but here is a last update for the night- mom is intubated, but not sedated, is tired but alert (even writing sassy notes To me about the right way to remover her rings!). She is being weaned off a very small amount of BP meds being given to raise her blood pressure after being sedated. Other vitals look good. She won't have another blood gas drawn until the morning, and that number will be important. There is a minor concern that she has some bleeding from an ulcer in her stomach (maybe from OTC meds she took over the weekend) but those numbers already looks better and that they are treating it means that they think she is stable enough to handle it. Still on steroids and antibiotics for the infection. Please keep your prayers coming.

Friday 7:17 am


Mom's doing good this morning and had a good night. Was able to sleep but also is alert and responsive when she wakes up. Her oxygen is way up, which is good, but they are working on regulating her breathing with the vent to manage CO2. Will be looking into the possible ulcers later this morning. We appreciate your continued prayers and can't think of anything else we need right now.

Friday 12:50

Quick update- all her stats really are good- bp, oxygen, etc. overall seemed pleased with those numbers. Her Co2 is still too high due to her slightly elevated respiration rate (she's breathing above the machine), so they are using a mild sedative this afternoon to help her her relax and the machine do its job. She's still responsive, etc, just more sleepy. Plan in a couple of hours to check on the possible ulcers and then go from there. Keep up the prayers! All other data has been upward movement, this is just a bit of a plateau.

Friday 6:23 pm

Ok, so we've had a really good afternoon. Slow, but all positive. 

-she has been on sedation all afternoon to allow her to relax and breath slower and not over the vent. The sedation was low enough that she was still alert, writing messages, using words like "topical" for example  ;)

-they redrew her blood gases about three hours after and there already was a marked improvement in her blood ph and they are really pleased with that. It's exactly what we hoped with this minor sedation. 

-the GI doctor did an endoscopy to check her stomach. She does have a lot of small ulcers, maybe that started before all this, maybe just started from the ibuprofen she'd been taking. Regardless, they are not bleeding at all any more and required no intervention beyond the iv med she was already taking. They fully expect her hemoglobin count to be up the next time. 
-All vitals have been great with no intervention (you know, aside from the vent of course ;) )
-she was in some pain from the endoscopy and unfortunately they can't give her spray pain relief because it is all red and they can't taint checking for blood in her stomach. So instead we've upped her sedation a bit and she is resting really well. Still responsive and communicative,  but comfortable.

Also switching from iv fluids to feeding tube, which shows how ok they are with her stomach. 


It's going to be slow progress, but I am so so please with her today and how positive every nurse and doctor has been. 



Please keep praying.

Saturday 2:49

Hi everyone, after mom's really good day yesterday, they weren't seeing the progress with her breathing over night that they wanted. Her vitals are good, but they still need to slow down her lungs to let them rest. We are moving forward with a ct scan to look at the lungs as well as check for blood clots. If all goes well, we are then trying a procedure where she is rotated from her back to her stomach to recruit and rest different parts of the lungs. She will be completely out, and these steps will take at least three days. There are a lot of positive benefits, and at that time they will evaluate to determine when to lower the sedatives and settings on the vent to see how her lungs do.

This is so hard, but we just want her body to rest so it can heal and recover. Emily, Dad and I are here together, and Emily and I will be with her tonight. We are doing ok, and so appreciate all of you who are reaching out. Right now, we can't even be with her some of the time, and they are being stricter about visitors. For right now, Em, dad and I appreciate some quiet time together while we wait. We will try to keep you updated, but this is going to be a slow process.

You are welcome to text me, I don't mind. Dad is still trying to stay off his phone. I promise that we will reach out when we need something (and we will!). We are all resting and eating as best we can. We know you all are concerned and love Mom and we love you for that. Thank you for your prayers!


Becky’s Story

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As our Mom recovers from serious respiratory complications caused by H1N1 influenza, we are grateful for all the love and support you have shown for her and her family. We plan to share updates during her recovery here. We ask for your continued prayers for her complete healing. 
Thank you!
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