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Site created on October 11, 2009

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Becca Ede
1008 Tremmel Ct
Marshfield, WI 54449

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dawn Ede

Happy 19th Birthday Becca!!  Becca would have turned 19 today.  She will be gone 9 years on May 5, this year. As I reflect back on everything we have missed out on with her, this past year would have been a big one. She would have graduated from high school last May. She would have gone to college this past fall.  She always wanted to be a teacher. She was good with little kids. We were in Iowa this weekend to visit Erica and Alyssa and we celebrated her birthday with a little cake.  That evening, I asked the kids what they remembered about Becca. If there was something they specifically remembered. They said is was getting harder to remember her when she was not sick. Her sickness consumed so much of their lives the two years she was battling her cancer. I often refer to time as before Becca got sick or after Becca got sick. It is crazy how it defines our lives.  As we continued to speak about Becca, the memories started coming through.  Ryan had a way that he would be the pesky brother and annoy Becca.  She would always put him in his place by grabbing his nose. He straightened right up. I laugh at that because sometimes that is all if took, she played the mother role for a short time and he listened to her. Other memories included her laugh.  She had a robust, deep laugh. We call it the Pelke laugh. Many of our immediate and extended family members have it. If you ever heard my dad laugh, you know what I am talking about. We talked about our vacations. How Becca would feel bad because the older girls never wanted to sleep with her. They called her the Tornado, as she would get you with every one of her extremities when she was sleeping. She was Miss Photogenic. She would always pose for pictures. When we went on our vacation to South Dakota right before she got sick, I took so many pictures of just her as she posed on many rocks and by many trees. She just wanted me to keep snapping them…so I did and I am happy I did. Becca’s white tree with pink lights was put up at Christmas and I leave it up for her birthday. So this week it will be coming down.  We got our annual Christmas tree ornament from our mystery giver again this year. We all look forward to this coming every year, the kids are always asking if it has come. We do not know who is sending this, but it sure is special for us so thank you. A little update on the rest of the family. Doug is still plumbing and Dawn is still teaching at the college and working in OB. Erica is now in graduate school at Palmer Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. It is very tough, but she will be finishing her first trimester soon. Alyssa is going to Western Illinois University in Moline Illinois for Communication and Event Management. They are living together in Davenport and so far it is working out ok. Mom gets calls from both once in a while, not often, about living arrangements.  They live about 5 hours away so we take trips to them about once a month and we video chat often. We are very proud of both of them doing what they want. Ryan…..he is a 16 year old boy with a driver’s license. He likes school for the social aspect. He is starting to think about what he wants to do. Soon he will be leaving as well, but we still have him for a couple of years yet. So we continue to live. We continue to go on. However, Becca is not far from our minds every day. It still seems like it was just yesterday. Losing a child is hard. There are so many losses that are apparent as time goes on. The year changes from year to year, our lives change from day to day, but our memories of Becca will never go away.  Becca’s Mom

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