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Site created on June 9, 2016

Ok, so I have Cancer. And that really sucks.  BIG.  Some days are bad.  Some are good.  I certainly NEVER expected that my doctor would call me on a random morning and tell me I have the big C.  My life forever changed in that moment.  Nothing in my past and I'm sure in my future will ever change me like that phone conversation did.  Once the tears pass, and it finally sinks in, we get down to business.  And this is my story of how we get this business done.  I will have some good news, some bad news (hopefully not a lot of that), some random venting, and even some I am trying to keep my sense of humor as much as possible through this whole thing.  It's the only way I can cope.  Really. So hopefully this will serve to keep all of our family and friends updated on progress and setbacks and general stuff going on.
    Hopefully this may help someone else at some point as well, who may be travelling this same crummy journey. One who begins a site of their own and needs some insight, information or just to read someone else's story to know they are not the only one to go through this mess. To know that they CAN do it.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel and it's gonna shine bright. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for all of the help and encouragement.  It means EVERYTHING.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Stacey Van Lente

Well, I had my (hopefully) last reconstructive surgery last Tuesday, Jan 8th.
Was about 1 1/2 hours total.  Fixed the right breast scar...made it into a circle instead of an oval (and got rid of the darn FRECKLE that came from my belly!). Also fixed the dog ears at each end of my abdominal scar, removed the rib cartilage that was placed in my belly for safekeeping, and finally, completed part 2 of the last surgery and did the autologous breast fat grafting (AFG). The fat grafting involves liposuction of fat, processing of the fat (Prior to fat grafting, the harvested fat is processed to eliminate tumescent fluid, blood, cell fragments, and free oil. By eliminating these contaminants, It helps the graft take better with lower chance of necrosis of the transferred tissue.) I know...WAY more than you ever wanted to know. But you all know I over share :)

Right now,It feels like they took me in the back room and just beat on me...and yes, I look like it, as well. I'm now 3 days post op and still feeling like a speed bump.  I'm sure this will take a few weeks to heal where I'm not hurting so much.  I get to wear a binder again for at least a week. But all in all, I'm really glad I did this.  So worth all the pain and frustration.
Thanks for all your good thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement over the past few years.  Hopefully I don't have to go down the cancer road again, but I know it is always a possibility.  If so, I'll plan on kicking its butt again! But for now...Just breathe.
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