Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

This past Thursday was tough.  Lots of things to think about with very few solutions right now.  First, it had been a year since my mom passed away.  Reliving that day in my mind was really hard.  Secondly, Barry and I had a meeting that brought his situation to the forefront.  Day to day we just go about our business but then there are those days where we can't avoid talking about all of the issues surrounding his accident.  The financial decisions still to be made are mind boggling.  We are now in a position where this accident is going to start costing us money each month.  I ask myself why?  We didn't do this to ourselves.  We didn't choose to change our entire life path.  And now in addition we have to pay?  Don't get me wrong.  The PUD has been more than generous in taking care of us but this has gone on so long that we are left with no other choice.  It is not right.

Barry has been working really hard at physical therapy trying to get stronger and build his stamina.  He comes home worn out and sore but he tells me he can see small improvements.  Over the next few months, we should get some answers as to whether the two surgeries he had earlier this year were successful or not.  This information will be pivotal in the discussion of return to work or not.  Time will tell how all this plays out.  It is just a lot to think about.  Sometimes too much.  Thursday was one of those days.
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