Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Barry asked me to marry him!  What a beautiful journey we have had together.  When he got hurt I was so scared I would have to navigate the rest of life on my own.  But in true fashion, he showed his strength and still does today.  Not much to update medically but just wanted to give him a shout out.
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Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

The kids fixed an absolutely delicious brunch for their dad today.  So thankful for the two of them.  Pretty sure I've said that before!  Worth repeating again.  2.25 years after the accident sees Barry working his way through the days one at a time.  Not much to update but wanted to at least let everyone know he is still hanging in there.  Covid-19 slowed the process down some but he is once again able to move forward on getting some new teeth.  Fingers crossed hopefully the next few months will bring him a new toothy smile. No new significant medical issues have reared their ugly heads which is good.  His sleep patterns have been up and down.  Some nights he logs 4 solid hours and other nights he gets 7 depending on his pain and if he can get comfortable.  Some nights no amount of adjusting the adjustable bed will help.  His recliner is his back up option for catching a few more winks.  We are looking forward to the time when we can venture out more and have interaction with our family and friends.  Hopefully soon.  More doctor appointments this next week.  Will see what they bring. 

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Not sure I have mentioned here before or not but Barry’s capacity to breathe freely has been deteriorating since the accident.  UW pulmonologist has reviewed all of his breathing tests and CTs before and after the accident.  He also looked through the hospital records when he was on a ventilator, off and then back on.  Fluid around his lungs several times that had to be drained.  All to say, his lung capacity is at 50%.  We got this news via a video teleconference with the doctor 10 days ago.  He told us that the nerve which fires the muscles that work his diaphragm was most likely damaged in the accident.  

Needless to say, we have been staying home and taking all precautions to avoid any exposure to Covid-19.  These old dogs have learned some new computer skills so that Barry can continue checking in with his doctors.  We are anxiously awaiting the opening of dental services so he can carry on with that part of his recovery.  The poor man needs his front teeth!  

Hope this post finds all of you in good health, both mentally and physically!  Be safe and stay home.

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

At this very minute 2 years ago Barry was fighting for his life at Harborview.  They had had to restart his heart several times by now.  Madelyn, Kyle and I could only watch as the emergency room personnel worked on him.  We did not know the journey all of us were beginning.  Now I know how tough and strong Barry is both mentally and physically.  I know I can count on Kyle and Madelyn’s support and strength no matter what.  I can now say thank you to family, friends, PUD employees and the hospital personnel that held me up that day and beyond.  Even though Barry’s adjustments to our new normal are still ongoing, today I am breathing much easier than 2 years ago and I will take that as a win and move on.  

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Been there, made a T-shirt.  Have to have some fun along the way.  Arts and crafts!!!  Yes!

On a serious note, Barry has become concerned a bit because the pain in his back is getting worse.  Back doctor warned about other areas of his spine deteriorating so we may have to go check in with him again.  

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Barry’s last and most extensive back surgery was a year ago this past week.  Did not alleviate his pain but supposedly stabilized his spine in a better way.  More hardware more pain it seems.  😭😭😭 Not the outcome we were hoping for but still he moves forward.  Thank God for pain meds that take the edge off.  

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Oral surgery yesterday.  Barry ended up having two more teeth pulled and another implant put in to replace the one that failed before Thanksgiving.  Hopefully the new one will do the trick but it will take a few months to know that.  What a long drawn out process!  Not for the faint of heart like me.  Teeth cleaning appointments are stressful enough!  Can’t imagine going through what he is.  

And a side note, it is pouring down rain as I do this update.  The rain can stop anytime now.  Days and days on end.  Enough already!  Time to head for the sun?

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Barry posted this on his Facebook page today. Sums up his mindset so well I had to share here.  Can’t believe it has been almost two years since the accident.  For so long we just lived day to day going to doctor appointments, therapies, etc.  Not so much these days but also no big improvements happening.  There continue to be new things that develop.  I see the results of his brain trauma and his physical pain every day.  I’ve learned the signs that are his levels of pain.  I’ve learned to work around his memory deficits and the new way his brain now works.  It is not always apparent that he struggles.  We had a gathering at our house for friends after Christmas.  It was his idea but as the night progressed I could tell he was in a lot of pain.  So much that it took him until 5 am the next morning to recover enough to sleep.  It is incredible to me to see how much he can push himself knowing he will pay for it later.  

Happy birthday today to my parents who are watching over us from above.  They give me strength and courage when my load gets heavy.  ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.  Shout out to our PUD family who still support us in every way.  Know that I always share your comments here with Barry.

Journal entry by Kerry Chrisman

Merry Christmas to you all!  Taking a quiet moment to reflect on this past year.  The roller coaster continues.  Not many issues resolved.  Won’t have any further information about Barry’s lungs until late March 2020, first available appointment with UW doctor.  Unbelievable but not surprising.  

Having a gathering for friends and neighbors on the 28th of this month @7pm.  Please come by and say hello.  

Journal entry by Jane Suchan

Another woman who has a relative in ICU said this to me this morning.  It struck a chord.

Barry is making progress each day. He is still in intensive care and visitors are limited.  His body is functioning more efficiently requiring less medication.  Still many things to address that need to wait until he is stronger.  So thankful for all the friends and relatives that have rallied around us.  I have had some good laughs which have been a much needed distraction.

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On the morning of March 13, Barry was in the Sultan Basin when trees fell on his vehicle.  Fortunately there were Department of Natural Resource workers in the area who responded quickly.  Barry was airlifted to Harborview Hospital in Seattle where he remains in the intensive care unit.  Barry has suffered significant trauma.  Barry's team here at Harborview is working tirelessly to keep him stabilized while they assess and treat his injuries. 

At this time. visitors are limited to family.  As his condition changes we will let you know.  We will be posting updates periodically, so please visit again soon.  Feel free to share this site and information with others.

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